Luther and Julie’s Beautiful Wedding Day at The Sanctuary At Admiral, West Seattle…

I love Luther’s big smile, his great devotion to Julie and the way he looked at his bride while they were exchanging vows.  LutherJulie1

I love Julie’s big heart, graciousness, courage and spunk.  I couldn’t help but get a kick out of her great joy and happiness as she married the love of her life in a sweet ceremony at The Sanctuary at Admiral this past Winter.

Surrounded by family and friends – and with a blessing by Luther’s Father that was incredibly sweet, funny and heartwarming, we shared in a wedding ceremony that was all about the past, present and future.  The words and ritual were shared in such a way that they celebrated Luther and Julie’s story and the beautiful path that led to their wedding day.

Luther + Julie:  I admire a couple at mid-life who gets ‘ceremony right.’  I wish you so much happiness on your marriage adventure!

Photo:  the wonderful F7 Photography team, Jennifer and Jeff!