Getting Married in Seattle During Coronavirus (Covid 19). What You Need To Know, How to Plan Your For Your Wedding…


There is a crazy time, for sure.  It’s now April 19th and we’ve been in this unprecedented time for weeks now.

Under the Governor’s order in Washington State, ‘no weddings’ right now.

Yes, the Marriage License offices are issuing marriage licenses and they are recording them.  This is their job.

However, although I did receive alternate guidance during the first week of the crisis from an Office issuing Marriage Licenses, updated guidance on what is allowed during the State’s shelter-in-place order (from the Governor’s Office and King County Executive’s office) is no weddings.

So, what does this mean for couples in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Snohomish and beyond, who want to get married?

You wait until May 4th for updated guidance, when the Governor hopefully lifts the ‘no wedding order.’  My hope is that this ‘no wedding’ restriction will be lifted, allowing a roll-out of small weddings (5 people:  Officiant, Couple and 2 Witnesses).

In the meantime, if you don’t have your marriage license, go get it!  From any County, you can apply and get your marriage via the old-fashioned way, mail & notary, etc.

If you have questions, if I can be helpful.  I am here.  Once the stay-at-home order is lifted, I am fully available to officiate for you.