Some Of The Best Money You Can Spend On A Wedding Day? A Full Service or Day Of Coordinator…

Some couples are super duper planners and get the rhythm of all things ‘wedding. ”  These smart cookies just understand how plan out and prepare for a wedding day, formal or casual, big or small.

After doing this work for awhile, I’ve come to the conclusion (my personal opinion, of course), that most couples would be wise to invest in a Full Service Wedding Planner or Day Of Coordinator.


Let’s take a page from Teng and Bijun.  They hired a lovely person in the few weeks before their wedding day, feeling the pressure of a myriad of tasks and wanting their wedding day to be a ‘party.’  And a great party often needs a great planner.tengbiyun-b-jones-photography

When I walked into their wedding at The Woodmark Hotel on July 16th, everything was gorgeous, easy.  Simply, I found a bride and groom focused on each other and their guests, not on their timeline.

Conversely, I walked into a wedding awhile back and things were stressed, chaotic and ‘all over the place.’  This wonderful couple, with great intentions, didn’t attend to important ‘wedding morning’ and reception details and thus, the rhythm of their day was all mixed up.  And I’m quite sure the guests felt this. Not a terrible thing.  Just could have been better.

Smart couples, on a budget, will slice money in other areas to pay a Coordinator.

This a super smart move.  It makes great sense.  Photo:  B Jones Photography