My Personal Thoughts on the Seattle/Puget Sound Area Wedding Season – Spring/Summer 2022

It’s a Monday after a lovely and successful wedding weekend.  I’m in my office, three of our elder dogs are snuggled on their beds, and I have a cup of tea to keep me company.

2020 was weird.  2021 was challenging.  This year, 2022, is full. I’m elated to work with devoted and fun-loving couples of all paths, traditions and backgrounds, to create ceremony that isn’t the same ‘ol ‘blah, blah, blah.’ With this, some personal thoughts and pondering…

My heart is happy, still curious as to why I love this work so much, after all of these years.  I think in some ways, this Wedding Officiant ‘vocation’ is just my thing.  I’m ever curious about why two people come together, how the different generations are shape shifting the marriage paradigm, and how wedding ritual is so very different for every couple.

As I move into this this 2022 season, it’s clear that I’m going to gone from home, a lot.

My husband, Greg, is retired and I lean on him to caretake our ‘Wigglebutt Farm’ and the senior/special needs dogs when I am away doing ‘my thing.’  My father is at a retirement community in Seattle, so I often stay 2-3 nights a week in their guest suite, so I can focus on my wedding work; truly, this is such a gift.

If you are one of my couples, thank you for trusting me with such a vulnerable and joy filled milestone moment.  If you are taking a look at me, trying to decide if we may be a good fit to share in your wedding day, I am here.