Nicole + Kimball: Two Loving and Inspiring Sweethearts With The Most Fabulous Wedding Party!

I’ve been around a lot of wedding parties ~ some big, some small.kimballnicole

Some traditional and  quiet.  And some loud, feisty and with a bit of rock ‘n roll.

I could go on and on as wedding parties are just that…all different.

As I reflect on Nicole and Kimball’s beautiful wedding ceremony and wedding day at The Pickering Barn in August, I can tell you these two lovely women had one of the happiest wedding parties I’ve been around, ever.

As I was sharing Nicole and Kimball’s love story and personal details about their path to August 21st, it was fun to hear muted comments and generous applause from their joyful wedding party on either side of us.

What I loved even more is that this delight and exuberance was shared by family and friends…seriously, the happiness was coming from all sides.

Often before going down the aisle, or even during rehearsal, I encourage a wedding party to fully participate in ways that are authentic, genuine and meaningful.  This may mean big great smiles going down the aisle or even hand motions, genuine giggles and even a ‘high 5’ during a ceremony.

A wedding party that is ‘in motion’ raises the joy bar in the room and Nicole and Kimball’s fabulous group did this and more.  Sweet ladies, you have such great love and support around you!