A Parade of Nieces and Nephews Escorted Bride Kami Beautifully Down the Aisle at The Salish Lodge!

DerekKamiShawKami adores her nieces and nephews.

So, it was hugely important to her that on her wedding day, all of the important little people in her life would get her down the aisle in style!

On Friday evening, September 27th, at The Salish Lodge, groom Derek had a big smile on his face as Kami’s nieces and nephews walked on cue and presented his most beautiful bride.

You’ve got to love a most gracious bride who adores children.  Incorporating children into a wedding processional isn’t for the faint hearted.

And with strong air traffic controller skills (most often on behalf of an Officiant), weaving a “parade of children” into a ceremony processional can be a joyful, sweet, crazy and most memorable part of a ceremony.

Derek + Kami:  I wish you so much continued happiness and joy!  My only regret is that I wished you lived on my lane here on beautiful Bainbridge Island!