Pedal Fast, Jerry! Celebrating a Beautiful Love Story With The Gift of Marriage at the Seattle Aquarium…

JerryJackieNewmanHe really did.

Jerry “picked up” Jackie at the gym!

One fine day, about 6 years ago, Jerry was at a local gym and spotted a beautiful lady on an stationary bike.  He started pedaling really fast and started to chat her up.

In short order, Jerry had Jackie’s phone number and her commitment to volunteer on the Obama campaign!

And last night (August 24th), in front of so many happy family and friends at the Seattle Aquarium, Jerry married the love of his life.

I gave Jerry and Jackie a hug after their ceremony and looking into the eyes of this couple, I sensed they hold a mission and profound purpose for their loving relationship.

And on this day, we celebrate the joy of knowing this rock solid couple will create more love in our world.