Most Popular Questions from Couples When Considering Me As Their Wedding Officiant…

Good snowy morning from our Wigglebutt Farm!

This is our Sanctuary of older and special needs dogs, who all are snuggled in on this chilly Thursday.

Rosebud is obsessed with her snowy ball.  Buttercup is recovering from yesterday’s surgical procedure.  Lady Belle Marie is looking styling in her pink jacket.  Crazy Cosmo is loving the snow and thinks barking at the construction project next door is great fun.  And that’s the short list! (in photo:  Buttercup)

I’m in my office, getting ready for the weekend.  As I ponder the lovely couples who are considering me for their upcoming wedding ceremonies, here are a couple of my most popular questions:

  1. How long is the ceremony?  If a ceremony is too short, it’s weird.  If it’s too long, it’s uncomfortable.  I’m less concerned about how long a ceremony is.  Rather, I’m more focused on the ‘feeling’ of the ritual and insuring a couple is at ease and that the guests are perked up and enjoying the experience.
  2. What if you don’t show up?  Heck if I know!  Seriously, I’ve always shown up.  Even when I’m been not feeling well. Even when my Mother died.  Even when we’ve lost beloved animals the day before or the day of a wedding.  I’m more concerned about getting hit by a bus on the way to a wedding.  So, no guarantee.  AND I’m confident, given the heart and graciousness of my couples, we would work things out.
  3. What do you wear?  In the summer, I love a muted maxi dress or fancy pant suit (from Nordies, of course!).  Always with pearls, always striving to be elegant.  When it’s not hot outside, I like an elegant black suit with scarf and/or pearls.  I like to blend in, when it comes to photos (black blends in and keeps the focus on the bride and groom).  I don’t dress to stand out.

At the end of the day, hiring an Officiant is a gentle mix of personality and work style and has a lot to do if we ‘click,’ kind of like a first date.

So ask me your questions. Surprise me with a hard question.  I want you comfy and at ease with all of this!