In The Presence of Profound & Authentic Love: Bobby and Hilary Get Married At The Salish Lodge

BobbyHilaryMarseeI marry couples of all shapes, ages and sizes.

And on occasion, I get a young couple who blows my wedding socks off!

Meet Bobby and Hilary.  A couple in their mid-twenties, they created, nurtured and protected a very loving relationship over the past 7 years.  They made huge transitions from school to jobs to careers and during all of the ups and downs, they were thoughtful and intentional about loving and challenging each other.

In the company of an intimate group of family and friends, Bobby and Hilary were married on July 10th at The Salish Lodge, all captured by the amazing Jenny Goldberg-George.

Sometimes, you just have to stand back and say “WOW.”  Our world needs love and devotion like this – authentic, grounded and true.

Bobby and Hilary – Aloha!  Much continued happiness and adventure to you!