Profound Love. Celebrating Robert & Dennis And Their Momentous Day, April 21, 2013

RobertDennisRobert + Dennis.

From the moment I first met this dynamic duo, I loved everything about these wonderful men.

And yesterday, surrounded by 20+ thrilled family and friends at a private home in Redmond, Robert and Dennis celebrated their nearly 17 years together with a marriage ritual that was personal, sweet and full of poignant and fun-loving moments.

Hosted by their friends, Marcia and April, Robert and Dennis were intentional about creating a ceremony and celebration that was about what they share:  profound love.  These two have created, nurtured and protected a very inspiring partnership that is fully authentic, accepting and true – it was this and so much more that we celebrated with them yesterday afternoon.

Gentlemen – much, much love to you as you venture forward.  And please email me when you return from your beautiful and “haunted” honeymoon hotel to let me know you are okay!