Raising the Joy Bar! Megan and Tiffany Wed at Matthews Winery in Woodinville, February 16th

It was a crazy week before Megan and Tiffany’s wedding day!

Snow, ice. More snow and ice.  You know what I’m talking about…

And with great joy and happiness, a proud group of family and friends gathered on a cold and rainy February Saturday evening (no snow!), to share in Megan and Tiffany’s wedding day.

It was such a delight for me to craft and deliver a personalized ceremony for these two beautiful women, that not celebrated their loving relationship, but fully embraced Tiffany’s two sweet daughter, Ava and Mya.

And we had such special touches.

Gratitude to our couple’s parents. Ava aced her reading, microphone and all!  Megan and Tiffany shared covenants while holding their promise stone.  Before the ‘kiss,’ we had a group toast, launching these two Sweethearts on their marriage adventure.

Tiffany and Megan, thank you so much for inviting me into your personal space, and for giving me the profound honor of celebrating your path and your love.

Photo:  Bri McDaniel