Real, Inspired and Modern Seattle Wedding Ceremony: What I ‘Remember’ From My Wonderful Couples, May Surprise You!

It’s been a lovely whirlwind of details, gentle chaos and inspiring couples over these past 2 months.

After all of this time of doing this work, my grace is this:  I absolutely love this work that I do, and I am very grateful for how so many of my couples reflect back to me the care I have for my work.

Oftentimes I am asked:  “Annemarie, what do you remember most from a wedding?”

Well, let me give you a ‘behind the scenes’ peek from a handful of lovely couples and share what I remember…it may not be what you would think!

Rivers and Jessica, The Ballard Hotel:  I loved their smiles.  These two sweethearts were beaming at each other, every minute, during the ceremony.  Not only could you see their joy, you could feel it.

Sean and Sarah, Volunteer Park Conservatory:  Walking up before ceremony, and watching their photographer, Jenny Goldberg-George, taking photos – and getting smiles from them and everyone.

Jennifer and Jan, Private Residence:  The joy.  The tears.  The happiness of ‘finally’ being married after so many years together.

Maggie and Mario, Sole Repair:  These two sweethearts and their beautiful baby daughter, so precious together.  Watching Maggie as she ‘looked down’ on her wedding ceremony, through a peep hole in the wall, as everyone was being seated.

Ron and Lauren, Willows Lodge:  Elegant, elegant Lauren.  Happy, happy Ron.  Being with Ron and his family in his hotel room, minutes before ceremony, with an ‘off-beat’ rehearsal.

Katie and Tim, The Woodmark Hotel:  In the Bride’s room with Katie and her ladies, and her pup, Ms. Dolly Parton.  Watching Katie love on Dolly. just the best.  And then there was Katie and Tim’s weddingceremony, beautiful, easy and fun-loving. (Photo/left)

Bailee and David, Kiana Lodge:  Being in the presence of Bailee’s joy.  Watching the love in David’s eyes. These two were just so elated!

Nicole and Gaites, Melrose Market:  They forgot the marriage license! Gratefully, the document wasn’t too far away, so with a ceremony delay, everything was more than fine.

Willard and Tsz Ling, Daybreak Star Center:  Being with an elegant and calm Tsz Ling, minutes before ceremony, in the bride’s room, helping her with a malfunction on her beautiful gown.

Steve and Judy, Stimson Green Mansion:  After 10 years together, these two were overjoyed to marry…and it was such an incredible privilege to share in their ceremony, which was not only about them, but a celebration of their family and friends. (Photo)


Austin and Angela, Private Residence, Union:  A ceremony for two beautiful people and one that fully embraced the bride’s two children.

Nik and Emily, SODO Park:  Beautiful bride, handsome groom – outrageously magnificiently designed ceremony circle and space.  Truly inspired.

Zoe and Frank, Novelty Hill-Januik Winery:  Long story short, and in the spirit of full transparency, my knee snapped 4 hours before ceremony, sending me to the ER in Kirkland.  The medical staff got me fixed up and to the wedding…I have never missed a wedding and I wasn’t about to yet.  AND so happy and grateful to be with Zoe and Frank, with the grand feeling of ‘we did it!’