Real Seattle Weddings: Smart Ceremony Tips from Wonderful Couples

I’m often asked, ‘what do you most remember from a wedding ceremony?’

As I look back over the past couple of weeks, here you go!  ChrisAllyTess

~ Tony & MarPhillia: I was so taken with MarPhillia’s wedding vows.  Her words were so gorgeously crafted and her delivery was one-of-a-kind.  Tony’s vows were a bit more traditional in tone and I loved the look in his eyes as he shared his words with his Sweetheart.

~ Karl & Bridgette:  The fun!  This couple, with a blended family and busy schedule, took a “time out” just for themselves and their tiny ceremony.  They beautifully tied a fisherman’s knot, a ritual that many couples decide not to do because they are concerned they are going to screw it up.

~ Lincoln & Amanda:  So much love in the ballroom of The Edgewater Hotel.  A lot of emotion around a beloved family member.  AND this couple is a zillion times more fun than I thought they were!

~ Mikey & Sam:  I love a couple who love dogs.  Mikey and Sam are devoted to their 16-year-old wonder dog, Sally, who was ring bearer, flower girl and best lady at their wedding ceremony at The Salish Lodge.

~ Daniel and Shasta:  Who gets married at the top of The Space Needle in the bitter cold and dark?  Daniel and Shasta!  Just the most wonderful couple and with an international twist.

~ Chris and Ally:  Such a gracious and fun-loving couple, married at The Woodland Park Zoo .  So fabulously fun-loving that they took planned selfies during their wedding ceremony – it was such a sweet and well-done experience!  (featured in photo above)

~ Maddy and Rick:  Lincoln and Amanda and Maddy and Rick should have dinner!  This dynamic duo hosted a comfortable, easy-going and lovely ceremony at The Bear Creek Country Club.  While the place was formal, the feeling in the room was approachable, happy and so upbeat.