What I Remember From A Wedding…

It’s always curious to me what I remember from a wedding.  As I look back on the beautiful couples I have known and worked with in the past month or so, I’m going to take a mini-trip down memory lane…

Robin and Pete did it ‘their way,’ getting married on an early Sunday morning at The Museum of Flight (before opening).  I remember Robin getting her hair and make-up done and how she got into her gown.  Simply, so easy and so quietly beautiful.

Emily and Christian were so excited, not only about getting married at Stimson-Green Mansion, but their honeymoon to Scotland…and I felt their excitement.  This young couple, together for so many years, are one of those darling pairs meant to be.

If there ever was a couple who put great and conscious intention and time into their wedding ceremony and celebration, it is Donte and Sara.  Married at the Lake Union Cafe, we had a ceremony with great personal touches and afterwards, a ‘skit’ that is now up on YouTube.donte-and-sara

Who gets married on a weekday, a formal wedding with all of the trimmings?  Felix and Sandra do!  They said “I Do” at Thornewood Castle on a Tuesday afternoon, surrounded by 50+ family and friends.   A solid and seriously fun-loving couple…and such a beautiful bride with a veil that had a mind of it’s own!

Courtney and Julio.  I loved everything about Courtney and Julio.  Their great devotion, their relationship journey and watching Julio with Courtney’s two young girls before ceremony and the love they have as a family, made my heart so very happy.

Elope to Seattle from Oklahoma!  Trenton and Holly found their way to The Salish Lodge with Trenton’s Mother and Holly’s Grandfather, and in-between rain bursts, were married outside on the lawn.  Chilly, sunny.  I remember happiness and very wet feet!rik-gina-1

And they did it!  At mid-life, Rik and Gina got all hitched up at The Willows Lodge, surrounded by the people they love the most in the world.  You know the word ‘graciousness?”  These two lovebirds could be poster kids for such gracious hearts.

Sydney and Matt, in a most precious and intimate ceremony, re-married. What is big, is small.  What is small, is big. It was truly an privilege to stand with these two as they re-committed for a lifetime.

It’s a great joy for me to work with so many diverse couples.  Every couple has a unique story and path to a lifetime commitment.

Sometimes, in the quiet of a morning such as this, as I type here in my office at our Wigglebutt Farm in Olympia, my heart is simply happy to be a part of loving goodness.  Photos: www.jennygg.com