Celebrating Dan & Kim’s Love Story and Their Beautiful Wedding Day at Farestart in Downtown Seattle…

Dan + Kim.  KimDanHeffernan

This couple met at mid-life, thrown together by two friends at the annual Beat the Bridge race in Seattle.

Together, they have created a most beautiful and inspiring loving relationship and a new family with their three adult children.

Surrounded by 40+ happy family and friends at Farestart in Seattle yesterday afternoon, Dan and Kim could not stop smiling at one another during their ceremony.  Talk about happy!  Talk about so much joy!

And it was happiness for me to join this remarkable couple for a ceremony that celebrated where they have been, where they are and where they are going.

So, Dan and Kim ~ run those races!  Train for that amazing marathon.  Travel to places unknown!  Love each other fiercely.

Awesome photo:  Jenny Goldberg-George at www.jennygg.com