Seattle Holiday Weddings 2015: What I Remember…

Traditionally, Christmas week is quiet for weddings in Seattle.

In Seattle this year (I’ve heard this from wedding planners, too), there has been a tiny “gold rush” of weddings.  Steve Tara Burgess

Congratulations to: John and Ying (Ray’s Boathouse), Catrina and Patrick (Tibbetts Creek Manor), Trisha and Nancy (Beecher’s Loft).

Much happiness to: Jim and Sheryl (Bainbridge Island), Emil and Emily (Pike Place Market), Steve and Tara (Fairmont Olympic Hotel), Abdiel and Perla (West Seattle).

Blessings for their marriage adventure: William and Pinga (Bellevue), Alex and Sarah (The Willows Lodge), Chris and Aislinn (Palisade) and Ron and Laurie (The Willows Lodge).

As I sit here on this “first new day” of the 2016 work year, I look back on this group of loving couples and remember and ponder…

  • how wedding dogs Chip and Bear brought so much joy to John and Ying’s wedding ceremony!
  • that I wish Catrina and Patrick lived next door to us on Bainbridge Island.
  • how inspired I am by Trisha and Nancy’s loving relationship.
  • That Jim is one of the most romantic guys on the planet.
  • How Emil and Emily brought down the house at Pike Place Market with their outdoor ceremony.
  • How New Year’s Eve was so festive at the Fairmont Olympic, celebrating Steve and Tara.
  • That William could start a new clothing line of Seahawks wedding apparel!
  • how Alex and Sarah celebrated 10 years together and that puppy, Patrone, looked way too handsome in his tux!
  • That Chris and Aislinn are blessed not only with each other but with their 6 children.
  • And how elegant Ron and Laurie were, surrounded by their children, as they wed.

Happy 2016!  Photo:  Steve and Tara Burgess (Jerome Tso)