A Seattle Wedding Ceremony Processional – 4 Tips For a Flawless and Memorable Walk Down the Aisle!

Just call me the Rehearsal Queen!  Here you go…

1) Put Someone In Charge Or Your Processional: In my world, the Officiant leads a rehearsal.  And in counsel with your Officiant or Minister, you will want to appoint a friend as “Processional Coordinator.”

What does a processional coordinator do? They take on the task of knowing your ceremony line-up and with your Officiant, they line everyone up just before the ceremony begins.  The Coordinator assists with music cues and they cue in each member of the processional as they follow the music selections.

Most often a friend is touched to be asked to take on this important role in a ceremony. Don’t leave the “orchestration” of your processional to chance, especially if you don’t have a coordinator or planner. Find a friend who loves a wedding and task him or her with the responsibility of getting everyone down the aisle on time and in style!

2) Get Everyone On The Same Page With Your Music Selections & Cues: One of the most serious hiccups within a wedding ceremony processional are music cues. As you plan your processional, you likely will be selecting up to four pieces of music starting with the pre-seating of family members through the presentation and arrival of the bride.

If you are working with live music, work out the music cues ahead of time with the person in charge of your trio, quartet or band and insure they have a copy of your processional order. If your DJ is running your processional music, do the same.

Lastly, have your Officiant and Processional Coordinator consult with the person in charge of your music to insure that everyone is on the same page.

3) Flower Power: Do It Early and Do It Right: Don’t be one of those weddings where flowers are passed and pinned on family and wedding party members at the last minute. Corsages and boutonnieres should be pinned at least an hour before your processional to eliminate any last minute flower pinning. Sometimes, fancy flowers aren’t the easiest things to get on a flimsy dress or starched suit. Also, flower bouquets should stay in water up to 5-10 minutes before a ceremony and wiped dry before being given to the ladies at processional.

4) Plan Guest Seating With Care: Don’t seat guests too early, especially if family and friends are sitting in the heat or sun. Plan on seating 10-15 minutes before a ceremony begins and start within 5-10 minutes of your “invitation time.”

By seating your guests quickly, elegantly and with care, you help insure a comfortable experience not only for your guests but for the wedding party waiting in the wings. Also, a wedding ceremony that starts on time helps set the stage for an elegant reception!

Annemarie Juhlian is a Wedding Officiant, Minister & Celebrant in Seattle, Washington. She creates personalized wedding ceremonies for couples of all faiths and traditions. Take a peak at Annemarie: www.staging1.marriedbyannemarie.com or call 425. 922.1325