Your Seattle Wedding Day: Create a Day Around What Is Truly Important…

I’m at home after a big Fourth of July wedding weekend.

I’m tired and I’m happy.  Lovely couples were beautifully married and all went well.

As I reflect on the weekend, I know one thing:  after so much anticipation to a wedding day, it’s important to remember what is important.  And what really doesn’t matter.  jamie and Justin

For Bill and Katy, it was just about “them” as they celebrated 14 years of togetherness.  Under my favorite huge tree I call “Esther.”   KatyBill2

For Jaime and Justin, it was about them and their small gathering of family and friends.  And to be married on the 4th of July, was a big personal deal for them.  Heck, they have a sweet dog named “Liberty!”

4th of July Love: David and Scott had the sweetest ceremony with family/friends before they boarded a cruise ship.  Kerry and Heidi were married on Alki Beach at sunset.  Sandro and Erica lit up DeLille Cellars with their great joy and Georgian traditions. Dave and Annie did things big and fabulous at Kiana Lodge.  And two days later, Sam and David, surrounded by family and friends, had the best fun during a vibrant and robust ceremony – also at Kiana Lodge.

As I shared with Bill and Katy:  what is big, is really small ~ what is small is really big.

Photo:  Justin/Jamie – jennygg   Photo:  Bill/Katy:  Sarah Potter