About Seattle Wedding Officiants – All Sizes, Personalities & Approaches. A Few Things To Know…

Engaged couples are often all over the map when it comes to their ceremonies.

Some want it simple. Some want lots of ritual.  Some have complex cultural issues.  Others want to include their children – but how?  Like my wonderful couple from two weekends ago – Marc and Alison – they desired a personal mix of the traditional and contemporary.

In this work that I do, I work with couples of all paths.  Hence, some ceremonies are a piece of cake (sorry!) and others require hours of writing and attention.

What it comes to selecting the Officiant for your wedding ceremony, the same applies.

In Seattle, there are hundreds of Wedding Officiants.  All sizes.  All shapes. Different personalities.  Varied delivery styles.  Different ways of creating and crafting ceremony.

Bottom-line?  There is no right.  There is no wrong here. 

Your ceremony is all about you and what you want and what you do not want.  As you interview and/or select an Officiant, you’ll find that your ultimate choice/decision is a very personal one.

You like each other.  You appreciate the Officiant’s approach to creating a ceremony.  You respect a candidate’s life path and it resonates with yours.  You like their smile.  They come highly recommended.  You immediately trust them.  You’ve “seen them in action” before. You “feel” comfortable.  You feel an internal “yeah, this is good!”  Your prospective Officiant “gets you” as a couple.

Beautiful Photo:  www.jennygg.com