Seattle Weddings 2019: Musings and Random Thoughts From The Wedding Road…

It’s near the end of August and I awoke this morning, here at our Wigglebutt Farm (a sanctuary for special needs and/or older dogs), and I could smell ‘Fall’ in the air.

Given that Autumn is my favorite season, I’m elated!

As I reflect back on the past month, I am grateful to have shared in wedding days with most wonderful couples, who truly desired a personalized approach to ceremony, whether this was a formal affair, a smaller and more intimate moment or a last-minute elopement.

Some tiny things I remember about some wonderful weddings…

Sarah and Chris were married at the Fremont Foundry, a very warm and sunny day, and so gracious…focused on simple, easy and no crazy.

The weather was more iffy for Wil and Cassidy, married at The Hall at Fauntleroy on a July Friday evening.  AND gratefully, we were able to be in the garden.

I walked into Yumu’s parlor at The Seattle Tennis Club, to find her sweetly pondering the universe, before walking down the aisle to marry her Beloved Jason.  Yumu was elegant, serene and at the same time attentive to details, a ‘total bride’ package!

It was a road trip to Bainbridge Island, to insure that Dallen and Courtney were married beachside, surrounded by such a welcoming group of family and friends.  Such a glorious day!

I had not been out to Jardin du Sol this year, so it was fun for me to enjoy Henry and Michelle, and their wedding day at this beautiful venue.  I remember ‘Henry’s guys,’ – a most fun-loving and helpful bunch of Groomsmen, who were ‘on it’ when it came to insuring all details were handled.

Kayla and Shelby, married on the MV Skansonia.  Lovely couple, fabulous family and friends, thrilled parents.  It was a glorious night, and you could feel the love and the gratitude in the air.

Danuta and Adam.  From Poland, lots of Polish being spoken…and I learned a few Polish words.  Beautiful couple, truly, at Ray’s Boathouse.

Mu-Jeung could not stop smiling at his beautiful Kellianne!  His face was lit up from the moment he took his place at the front; you could feel his elation to marry his Sweetheart, at Woodinville Lavender.

As I walked from my car to Mariah and Pedro’s wedding, music was already happening, at a private home/estate in Snohomish, transformed for a day!  A beautiful couple, incredibly helpful parents, and a few rain drops.  We made it through, without stopping for the rain.

Dave and Rachel.  Two incredibly sweet, gracious and fun-loving lovebirds, who lit up the night at JM Cellars, celebrating the joy of their love and their devotion to Rachel’s 2 wonderful children.  You could feel the gratitude between Dave and Rachel during their ceremony, for the gift of their love.

During rehearsal, it was freakin’ hot!  On their wedding day, it was overcast and in my opinion, PERFECT!  Celebrating Brady and Kaelee, and their personalized words/vows that were gorgeously crafted and shared.

Don’t get me started on Johnathan and Kimberly!  Married at The Salish Lodge, this couple hiked (okay, walked) down to the Falls, pre-ceremony, and their Photographer (Mike), showed me incredibly photos.  I also loved it when Johnathan rang out ‘I Do!,‘ before I was done asking!

My couples make my heart happy and proud.  BAM!

Photo:  Dave and Rachel