Officiant Background

Do you like the Officiant? Does their background and experience resonate with you? Do you like their speaking voice? Are you energized by their enthusiasm and commitment to your ceremony? Is the Officiant open to your ideas and will they co-create the ceremony with you?

Religious/Spiritual Issues

Will the Officiant represent couples who are from different religious, spiritual and/or cultural backgrounds (if this is a factor)?

Writing and Co-Creating the Ceremony

How will your ceremony be created and written? Are you confident in the skills of your chosen Officiant to deliver your ceremony?  How will your Officiant design your ceremony with custom touches that celebrate not only the two of you but your tribe?


Will your Officiant be available for a rehearsal? (if you wish)

Availability Before Your Ceremony

Is the Officiant available before your ceremony for questions and advice?

Will The Officiant Have An Assistant On-Site?

If necessary, does the Officiant bring an Assistant to the Ceremony? Does the Officiant have an alternative Officiant available in case of unexpected/unforeseen illness or emergency? (listen for the truth in the answer)

Coming and Going

How early will your Officiant arrive at your ceremony and how long will they stay afterwards?


Will the Officiant travel to your wedding ceremony site?


What will the Officiant charge for the ceremony and exactly what does this include? Does the Officiant offer a professional contract for services, insuring that your date and time are agreed to on paper?


For your peace of mind, have you checked out testimonials (first and last name) and reviews?

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about me and my philosopy as a wedding officiant, I’d love to hear from you.  Please call/text 425.922.1325 or email me.  Or use the green contact button below and expect a prompt reply.