And So, This Is What Happens When An ‘Engagement Party’ Turns Into A Surprise Wedding Ceremony!

I love everything about Anthony and Christine.

I left their wedding ceremony last night, at Tinte Cellars in Woodinville, with a little extra sparkle in my step.

You see, their 100+ family and friends thought they were showing up for an engagement party.  When Anthony and Christine received a great number of RSVP’s to their engagement party, they were deeply touched that so many people wanted to celebrate with them.

So, they decided, as their gift to the people they love and like the most, that they would turn their engagement party into a SURPRISE wedding ceremony and celebration.

At the stroke of 6:45 p.m., I pulled everyone into the lovely barrel room and took the microphone, announcing myself as “Annemarie, Christine’s friend from culinary school and many years ago.” 

I proceeded to start a toast and then on cue, with Anthony at my side, looked around and said “Christine?  Where is Christine?”  

And BOOM!  The wonderful DJ starts music and Christine appears, in a gorgeous wedding dress with a lovely bouquet!

Tears, happiness, clapping – it was such a joyful moment.

And we got these two beautiful sweethearts all beautifully hitched up.

Just the best.

Photo:  Jenny gg: