Spring 2021 Is Almost Here. Seattle Wedding, Wedding, Wedding…What?

It’s been such a topsy turvy time for an engaged couple during this crazy pandemic.

I spent a lot of time in 2020, moving couples into 2021.

This Winter, I have spent a lot of time moving couples with planned weddings, March thru August, to the Fall of 2021, and a few to 2022.

So, my crystal ball around ‘all things wedding’ is a bit hazy right now.

If I had to venture a guess, here are my thoughts and predictions for this 2021 wedding year.  My goal isn’t to be right, it’s to be happy!

As I write this, we are in Winter ’21, about to move into Spring ’21.  With Biden’s announcement that people will receive doses of the vaccine by the end of May, this opens a lot of newness and opportunity.  I suspect that the larger weddings (although modified) will happen during the summer of 2021.  And I suspect we will see a flurry of small and intimate wedding ceremonies as well.

Guests will still be masked up.  Bride and Groom/Bride and Bride/Groom and Groom will be able to be wed without a mask.

Most likely there won’t be receptions with dancing in 2021.  It’s a social thing.  I don’t know a DJ/MC right now who thinks their business is going to open around weddings in 2021.  They are all looking at 2022.

Covid-19 stinks.  Love wins.  At the end of the day, couples will be married.  It may be different than planned, and for most, this is okay.  I sense that 2022 will be a year that returns us to a planned modern and formal wedding ceremony, a small and intimate wedding ceremony and an elopement, without restrictions.  And through all of this, it will be interesting to see if any of this changes our societal norms around a wedding day…so much more to come.


Photo:  jennygg