Spring 2023, Seattle Area Weddings. Annemarie Juhlian, Seattle Officiant – What To Know…

Happy almost Spring!

So many loving couples are looking forward to their wedding during 2023.

Gratefully, the mask requirement is no longer, and while we still all must be safe and prudent, it’s a joy for me to fully celebrate and honor so many loving relationships this year.

As you plan your wedding, you will get ‘a lot of advice.’  Some excellent, some good, some not so good.

Instead of advice, I offer these 3 tips, that may assist you in walking into your wedding day with more peace, understanding and joy:

  1. This is just a day.  It is not the best day of your life.  It’s one of the best days of your life. Keep things in perspective.
  2. Spend your values.  In other words, spend money and time on what is important to you.  At the end of the day, people will most likely not remember what they ate, what they received as a favor, or what your flowers were all about.  They will remember how they felt to be with you on your wedding day.
  3. Focus on each other.  Whether you are planning a true elopement, something small and intimate, or a formal larger affair, take time in the middle of planning for the two of you.  Sounds trite, I know.  Simply, togetherness time is a magical elixir.




Photo:  www.jennygg.com