What I Know For Sure: Looking Back On An Enormously Beautiful & Profound 2013 “Wedding Year”

ObieIan3I finished up my 2013 “Wedding Year” on October 20th.

I have engagements in Nov & Dec and I now go into my “quiet time” of play, reflection and time with my husband, Greg, and our family of dogs at our home in Bainbridge Island.

As I ponder the year that was, I smile when I think of the many stories, situations, heartfelt moments and….

– all of the same sex couples who designed and created a wedding day to fully celebrate their love and story including:  Maria and Robin, Obie and Ian, Karen and Denise, Becky and Angel, Robert and Dennis, Claire and Sarah, Rhianna and Kat, Carlee and Lori, Salleen and Andrea, Jill and Iris, to name a few.

– how I freaked out in my heart when my maps and GPS could not find a home in Ravensdale in August – and how grateful I was to finally get the bride on the phone for a “drive in.”

– how grateful I am to many wedding professionals who make me better than I am:  Lisa, Megan, Kirstie, Dan, Jenny, Andrew, Tasha, Tony, John, Jojo, Erin, Leslie, Janel, Dani, Mitch, Claudine, Sean, Megan, Amy, Greg, Sheena, Jacky, Kristen, Jennifer, Tyler, Laura, Ollie, Jered, Blair, Tania, Ken, Laurel, Jenn, Erin, Brian, Eric, Loren, Kimberly, Joe, Jill, David, Aly, Dani, Rebecca, Brian, Jelena, Alissa, Meredith, Adam, Amy, Mitzi, Kier, Kris, Gayle, Kristi, Megan, Laura, Krista, Paul, Dann, Jason, Ed, Nina, TJ, Catherine, Barbie, Kirsten, Jennifer, Kurt, Cory, Lori, Christopher, Chris, Scott, Dixie, to name a few.

– how much I hugely appreciate the couples who trust me with their wedding day and give me the profound opportunity to be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

– how grateful I am for the little things:  messing up my calendar only twice, a car that starts and goes, a cooler with cold drinks on a hot day, traffic that clears and traffic texts, the kindness of strangers, new friendships and alliances and a pair of really comfy shoes!

– most of all, I treasure the paradox of this work that I do:  “what is big is really small” and “what is small is really big.”

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

With profound gratitude,