A Sweet & Perfect ‘Ceremony Kiss.’ A Few Fast Facts…

AlinaEthanOttemillerAlina + Ethan.

This wonderful duo exchanged vows at The Canal in Seattle and as an “end of ceremony flourish,” shared the sweetest of kisses.

Having been to a few weddings in my lifetime, I offer these fast tips for a sweet, pretty and romantic “kiss” at the end of a wedding ceremony:

Get Your Officiant Out of the Way!  Really, why does any Officiant just stand there as a couple shares a lifetime moment?  Simply put, have your Officiant move out of the way and to the side of his/her space.  This moment is truly about the two of you and offers your photographer a clean shot.

As you’ll note from this photo, I moved to the side and the photographer was able to shoot the couple with me in the photo and was also able to take photos of “just the couple.”

Kiss and Hug!  Share a kiss and share a hug.  This makes your moment last a little longer and gives you both an opportunity to fully embrace and “feel the moment.”

Simple and easy.  A little planning does wonders for capturing such a timeless photo!