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A Very Fun, Elegant and “We’re Doing It Our Way” Wedding Day for Don and Kristen in West Seattle…

Don + Kristen. They were married in an easy, elegant and reverent ceremony on one very windy February Saturday afternoon at one of Seattle’s hidden gems of a neighborhood park:  Dakota Place Park in West Seattle.  When I first met Don and Kristen, I liked them immediately.  What I appreciated is that they had definite  Continue Reading »

Best Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows: Elegant, Easy and “Yours…”

You’re getting married! AND it is time to design, craft and write your wedding vows. Writing your wedding vows gives you a remarkable opportunity to express your personality and devotion to the person standing with you on your wedding day. A beautiful wedding ceremony includes beautiful vows. Your wedding vows can be traditional, old-fashioned, original, unique, religious, funny,  Continue Reading »

A Romantic and Elegant Wedding Ceremony for Chris and Olesya at Port Ludlow Resort…

Chris + Olesya.  Chris thought he was solely meeting Olesya to discuss a medical situation, as a favor to two beautiful friends.  And the moment Chris laid eyes on Olesya, the last thing on his mind was medical advice!  On a beautiful, crisp and sunny Winter day, Chris married the love of his life, in an  Continue Reading »

A Perfect Wedding Ceremony Kiss: 4 Sweet Tips For An Outstanding & Memorable Smooch!

A wedding ceremony most often concludes with a sweet kiss! A fantastic and memorable kiss to top off a sweet and loving wedding ceremony is a beautiful forever memory for a couple. Some kisses are better than others. That’s just life.  It might seem elementary to talk about “kissing”. However, having been up close and  Continue Reading »

Quiet Time. Breathe, Enjoy, Remember…

After the hustle and bustle of a full and wonderful wedding year, I move into December in a quiet and reflective mode. As I sit here on this early Tuesday morning, I find I don’t have much to say or share.  So, I  look back on the many experiences of 2014 with great gratitude for my  Continue Reading »

I Want To Clone Steve: You’ve Gotta Love A Guy Who Adores His Gal…

Last Saturday evening at Canlis Restaurant in Seattle, a sweet guy surprised his beautiful gal with a renewal of marriage vows. In celebration of 20 beautiful years.  In honor of 3 amazing children.  In reverent jubilation of a shared journey filled with devotion, perseverance, lots of change, ups and downs, romance, house chores and so much love.  With  Continue Reading »

Wedding Ceremony Locations in Seattle: Fun Places For a Small and Intimate Wedding Ceremony!

Being married in Seattle, Washington? If your wedding is small and intimate in size, the greater Puget Sound area offers sweet and special locations and venues for such an affair.  Here are 6 little known and known venues and locations in Seattle and the Puget Sound area that are perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony. 1)  Continue Reading »

The 2014 Fall Wedding Season in Seattle: What I Know For Sure…

I love Fall.  It is my favorite season. As I look back over these first days of Fall, I celebrate: Aaron and Devon Mills – married at DeLille Cellars this past Friday afternoon, in the happy presence of their family and friends.  I loved getting to know Aaron and Devon and sharing in their day.  Side  Continue Reading »

In Celebration of The Tiny & Intimate Wedding Ceremony: John & Marnie’s Big Day At The Salish Lodge…

Just like couples, wedding ceremonies come in all shapes and sizes.  Truly, there is no right.  And there is no wrong. For most couples, deciding on the size, shape and color of a ceremony ritual is a hugely personal decision.  And over the years, I have been with couples of all paths and traditions –  Continue Reading »

Amelia’s Mommy & Daddy Get Married! A Lovely Wedding in Tacoma, Celebrating a Beautiful Family…

The sun came out for Amelia’s big day! Oh, it was Casey and Dayna’s big day, too!  It was happiness for me to road trip it to Tacoma on the morning of July 26th to celebrate Casey and Dayna and to share in their wedding ceremony at the Japanese Reconciliation Park on Ruston Way. Over  Continue Reading »

On Their 25th Anniversary and After a “Start Of Wedding Ceremony” Surprise, Cindy and Sandra Say “I Do!”

You’ve got to love two fabulous ladies who know how to truly have fun and a good time! In celebration of their 25 years together, Cindy and Sandra exchanged vows at Salty’s on Alki, in a sweet and personal wedding ceremony, surrounded by their best friends and people. To open their ceremony, and in a “planned surprise move,” Cindy  Continue Reading »

You Know What My Happiness Is? A Kind, Gracious and Appreciative Loving Couple. Truly.

My heart was in such a happy place as I made the drive to the Salish Lodge last Sunday to get Brian and Dayna so very married. This sweet couple lives by my favorite paradox:  ‘what is big, is really small.  what is small, is really big.” With 18 family members as their guests, Brian  Continue Reading »

“That Was So Much Fun!” That’s Right, Let’s Toss Out the Boring, “Blah, Blah, Blah” Seattle Wedding Ceremony…

I followed David and Britney back to the guest house at their venue, The Farm Kitchen, and as we sat down to sign marriage license documents on Saturday evening, Britney kept saying “gosh, that was so much fun!” And I couldn’t agree more.  The aspect of “fun” during a ceremony has less to do with  Continue Reading »

Your Seattle Wedding: 5 Unique Ideas For Your Memorable Northwest Wedding Day…

You are planning your wedding in Seattle, Washington! As an excited and enthusiastic engaged couple, you have a big variety of choices and decisions to make around the size, design and scope of your wedding ceremony and celebration. Planning Your Wedding In Seattle, WA – 5 Big Planning Tips: 1) Consider Having Your Seattle Wedding In  Continue Reading »

Becca + George: A Beautiful, Poignant and Fun-Loving Celebration at The Foundry in Seattle…

Becca + George. I remember when Becca first called me last December to discuss the possibility of officiating her marriage to George.  Many decisions for this wedding were being made long distance and as we all know, it often it is challenging to make big decisions without an in-person meet and greet. And Becca and George took  Continue Reading »

A Tapestry of Love: On The Beach – Hindu & Interfaith – Overlooking Hood Canal – Lakeside – and An Elopement!

The Summer of 2014. As I look back over the last week, I marvel at the diverse couples who have tied the knot…who come together in fierce love and devotion to create a joyful life as best friends, team mates and lifetime partners.  You’ve got to love Frank and Randy who travelled from Texas to be  Continue Reading »

2 Beautiful Ladies. A Happy Officiant, an Awesome Photographer & Film Crew. Carla and Karen = You Are So Very Married!

Carla + Karen. These two women created and designed a wedding day, celebration and week in Seattle to celebrate their loving relationship and family. Traveling from Texas, Carla and Karen were married in the bright sunshine last Friday afternoon at Seattle’s Volunteer Park. It was a tiny affair.  Photographer Jenny Goldberg-George joined me (she is  Continue Reading »

Your Wedding “Smooch.” 4 Sweet Tips For an Outstanding and Memorable Ceremony Kiss!

Every wedding ceremony ends with a sweet kiss. A fantastic and memorable kiss to top off a sweet and loving wedding ceremony is a beautiful forever memory for a couple. Some kisses are better than others. That’s just life! It might seem elementary to talk about “kissing.’ However, having been up close and personal to  Continue Reading »

A Surprise Pre-Wedding Visit at Home From Vice-President Joe Biden for Steve and Jane!

You’ve got to love a Groom-to-Be who gets the surprise of his life, a few days before his wedding – a very unexpected home visit by Vice President Joe Biden and entourage! I loved hearing the story from Steve about how while visiting Seattle last week, Biden’s motorcade pulled up in front of his Eastside home  Continue Reading »

Boom! 4 Ways to Blow up or Mess Up Your Seattle Wedding Ceremony…

It’s not every day that you plan a wedding ceremony in our beautiful city of Seattle and/or Puget Sound! If you are being married outside of an established religious or spiritual tradition, you will have even more flexibility on the “how, what and where” of your ceremony. A wedding day is perfect in it’s imperfections.  Continue Reading »