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Windpalooza 2015: A Crazy and Memorable Wedding Weekend…

The 29th has always been my favorite number.  And August 29th and August 30th didn’t disappoint as two days in the “wedding record books.”  We all awoke to a severe wind warning for Saturday.  By 11 a.m., the winds were strong, bringing down trees and whipping around tents set up for wedding ceremonies and receptions.  Continue Reading »

Celebrating A Profound Relationship Journey: Paul & Melissa’s Wedding Ceremony at St. Paul’s Chapel, Port Gamble

I totally love this photo of Paul and Melissa! I took it from the side as Photographer Brad Camp was setting up a group photo outside of St. Paul’s Chapel in Port Gamble, where Paul and Melissa shared in a sweet and poignant late afternoon exchange of vows on Sunday, May 12th. (yes, Mother’s Day!) Surrounded  Continue Reading »