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2 Great Guys. One Beautiful and Poignant Wedding Day at Seattle’s Mayflower Park Hotel…

Richard + David. Married on Valentine’s Day at the Mayflower Park Hotel in Seattle. These two gentlemen have such a great and inspiring love story and it was an honor to be a part of their wedding day. Truly, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  With personal vows, poignant words and a few  Continue Reading »

A Sweet & Perfect ‘Ceremony Kiss.’ A Few Fast Facts…

Alina + Ethan. This wonderful duo exchanged vows at The Canal in Seattle and as an “end of ceremony flourish,” shared the sweetest of kisses. Having been to a few weddings in my lifetime, I offer these fast tips for a sweet, pretty and romantic “kiss” at the end of a wedding ceremony: – Get Your Officiant  Continue Reading »

Pedal Fast, Jerry! Celebrating a Beautiful Love Story With The Gift of Marriage at the Seattle Aquarium…

He really did. Jerry “picked up” Jackie at the gym! One fine day, about 6 years ago, Jerry was at a local gym and spotted a beautiful lady on an stationary bike.  He started pedaling really fast and started to chat her up. In short order, Jerry had Jackie’s phone number and her commitment to volunteer  Continue Reading »

After15 Years Of Loving Relationship, A Sweet & Intimate Ceremony at Seattle’s Pike Place Market!

February 20, 2013 at Pike Place Market. Mary-Ann + Dan. 2 teary witnesses. One happy Officiant. A celebration of 15+ years of loving relationship. When I first met Mary-Ann, she radiated an enthusiastic joy and happiness around her upcoming marriage to her beloved Dan. And at 3:00 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon a few weeks ago, this  Continue Reading »

I Invite You To Meet “Stab” – Steve and Shab’s Most Excellent Wedding Adventure In Downtown Seattle!

Meet “Stab.” Otherwise known as Shab and Steve!  “Stab” is a compilation of their names – every couple should have a brand/logo! Shab and Steve were married this past Saturday, March 9, 2013, at the Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle.  Surrounded by 100+ family and friends, this fun-loving and very gracious couple, shared in a  Continue Reading »

Celebrating Jessie’s Life: I Won’t Be So Flippant When I Say These Words Again…

“No matter what, I will be at your wedding.” Our beloved cocker spaniel, Jessie, passed away on Friday, October 5th. We lost her less than 4 days after she was diagnosed with an aggressive lung tumor.  Thankfully, I was able to clear my schedule and Greg and I had 3 full days with Jessie before  Continue Reading »

About Seattle Wedding Officiants – All Sizes, Personalities & Approaches. A Few Things To Know…

Engaged couples are often all over the map when it comes to their ceremonies. Some want it simple. Some want lots of ritual.  Some have complex cultural issues.  Others want to include their children – but how?  Like my wonderful couple from two weekends ago – Marc and Alison – they desired a personal mix of  Continue Reading »

“Easy and Awesome!” Chase and Christina – You Lived Up To Your Motto And So Much More…

There are some couples who touch my heart in an incredibly profound and personal way. Such is the case with Chase and Christina Perrin, who indeed did live up to their personal wedding motto, “Easy and Awesome!” At their rehearsal last week, Wedding Planner Megan Keller and I both agreed that we felt a little  Continue Reading »

One Of Those Very Fun (and Sacred) Ceremonies I Live For – Marques & Christy Johnson!

Okay, how much fun can I truly have with one couple? Some couples are just pure joy.  When I first met Marques and Christy Johnson last year for coffee/tea, I thought immediately to myself, “sign me up for this!” And I was right. Picture this.  A formal evening ceremony at the Washington Athletic Club, gorgeously designed  Continue Reading »

When All Hell Breaks Loose During A Wedding Week: Wacky Weather!

Remember the snow in January?  Beautiful.  Idyllic.  Crazy time! For couples who were married on the weekend of January 19-22nd, it was gumby time. I had the pleasure of joining David and Keri Morgan for their wedding ceremony at The Canal in Ballard on January 21st.  And it wasn’t an easy road to get there.    Continue Reading »

Best Tips For An Easy & Successful Home Wedding…

Maggie & Richard Green Richard and Maggie Green did their Seattle wedding right. A friend of Richard’s opened their home to Richard and Maggie for their wedding ceremony and celebration this past Saturday, March 3rd. Located near the Arboretum, this century-old home was a perfect setting to host 75+ family and friends for this couple’s easy and  Continue Reading »

A Very Touching Email Note: Adam & Marcy, June 2005

I received an email from one of my couples from years past and it made my day. In June 2005, I had the pleasure of marrying Adam and Marcy at an intimate home wedding near my home on Bainbridge Island. One of my favorite photos (it’s on my bulletin board) is a photo taken with  Continue Reading »