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June Seattle Weddings 2017: Unique Love Stories. Different & Inspired Paths to the Big Day…

I just looked at my calendar for the past couple of weeks. And I smile. Am I a lucky gal or what? It’s my privilege to be with a couple when they say ‘I Do.” After all of the years of doing this work, I hold a couple’s trust close to my heart. So, let’s  Continue Reading »

From England With Love: Alain & Sara Get Married in Seattle at The Canal…

The only thing missing from Alain and Sara’s wedding was their beloved pooch, Nacho! Nacho was back in England, awaiting the return of his wonderful guardians. And when they return, they will be so very married! Alain and Sara were married on Friday, April 11th at The Canal in Ballard, surrounded by 100+ very happy  Continue Reading »

When All Hell Breaks Loose During A Wedding Week: Wacky Weather!

Remember the snow in January?  Beautiful.  Idyllic.  Crazy time! For couples who were married on the weekend of January 19-22nd, it was gumby time. I had the pleasure of joining David and Keri Morgan for their wedding ceremony at The Canal in Ballard on January 21st.  And it wasn’t an easy road to get there.    Continue Reading »