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What I Remember From A Wedding…

It’s always curious to me what I remember from a wedding.  As I look back on the beautiful couples I have known and worked with in the past month or so, I’m going to take a mini-trip down memory lane… Robin and Pete did it ‘their way,’ getting married on an early Sunday morning at  Continue Reading »

What I Know For Sure: Looking Back On An Enormously Beautiful & Profound 2013 “Wedding Year”

I finished up my 2013 “Wedding Year” on October 20th. I have engagements in Nov & Dec and I now go into my “quiet time” of play, reflection and time with my husband, Greg, and our family of dogs at our home in Bainbridge Island. As I ponder the year that was, I smile when I  Continue Reading »

Best Tips To Plan A Beautiful ‘Surprise’ For Your Sweetheart During Your Wedding Ceremony…

You’ve gotta love James!  To honor his bride, Mary, he worked to craft and deliver a profound and very moving “surprise” as part of their wedding ceremony at Seattle’s Edgewater Hotel. James is a military guy.  As a loving tribute to Mary, he invited six of his colleagues to create a “down the aisle” ceremony ritual  Continue Reading »