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June Seattle Weddings 2017: Unique Love Stories. Different & Inspired Paths to the Big Day…

I just looked at my calendar for the past couple of weeks. And I smile. Am I a lucky gal or what? It’s my privilege to be with a couple when they say ‘I Do.” After all of the years of doing this work, I hold a couple’s trust close to my heart. So, let’s  Continue Reading »

Seattle Weddings 2017 – Celebrating Love, Honoring The Different Paths To Love…

As I sit here at my desk in my office, I’m about to get all packed up and ready for what I affectionately call ‘a weekend of love.’ Mostly, I look back on the past few weeks with a full heart, grateful for the trust my couples put in me to officiate their wedding ceremonies.  Continue Reading »

3 Beautiful Couples. 3 Inspiring Paths. 3 Very Different Ceremonies.

Over this past weekend, I had the happy pleasure of getting 3 beautiful couples so very hitched! As I ponder these past few days,  I honor the power of love and how it brings people together – often in ways and places that are unexpected and magical. Kapil and Sarah were married in an Inter-faith Hindu/Christian  Continue Reading »

A Surprise Pre-Wedding Visit at Home From Vice-President Joe Biden for Steve and Jane!

You’ve got to love a Groom-to-Be who gets the surprise of his life, a few days before his wedding – a very unexpected home visit by Vice President Joe Biden and entourage! I loved hearing the story from Steve about how while visiting Seattle last week, Biden’s motorcade pulled up in front of his Eastside home  Continue Reading »

Valentine’s Day 2014: Richard & David at the Mayflower Park and Don and Pam at The Willows Lodge. ..

Valentine’s Day 2014.  After I married the wonderful Richard and David at the beautiful Mayflower Park Hotel in downtown Seattle, I zipped across 520 to another one of my favorite venues, The Willows Lodge. Awaiting me at the Lodge ~ Pam and Don.  Pam had been planning their wedding for sometime and many of her  Continue Reading »

Weddings on Woodinville 2014 – Couples, Wedding Pros & More…

Weddings in Woodinville 2014. I was part of the team at Willows Lodge for this sold-out “traveling wedding show” which was held yesterday, Sunday, January 26th. Given that Willows Lodge is one of my most favorite venues, it was happiness for me to spend 6 hours with Lodge staff and other Northwest wedding pros as  Continue Reading »

With 2 Pups of Honor, Brenda & Lisa Get Hitched After More Than 10 Years of Loving Relationship!

It isn’t every day that I giggle when I first meet a couple. And giggle I did!  You see, when the hotel door opened and I first met Brenda and Lisa, I also was introduced to their two sweet pups of honor – and I couldn’t stop smiling. Being such a dog lover myself, it brings me great  Continue Reading »

Court and Kristine: A Beautiful Wedding Day With a Lovely Twist at The Willows Lodge

It was such a happy joy for me to share in Court and Kristine’s wedding day at The Willows Lodge in Woodinville on Friday, June 21st –  the very first day of Summer! What I appreciate so much about this beautiful couple is that they designed a ceremony and celebration with a twist. Wanting only their  Continue Reading »

50 Shades of LOVE! John and Heather Marry At The Beautiful Willows Lodge in Woodinville, WA…

When Photographer Jenny Goldberg-George posted this photo to her blog of John and Heather, my first thought was, “Gosh, Victorian romance novel material!” It was such a pleasure to join and John and Heather and their happy family and friends for their Sunday evening wedding ceremony at The Willows Lodge in Woodinville. Working together, John  Continue Reading »

Joe & Debbie: From Whidbey Island and Vancouver, B.C., With LOVE!

Joe + Debbie. A beautiful couple with huge and compassionate hearts.   A beautiful gal from British Columbia and a handsome guy from Whidbey Island, destined to meet. Married on March, 13, 2013 at The beautiful Willows Lodge/Woodinville, Washington, in an intimate and sweetly personalized ceremony. Perfect. Together, we celebrated the path that brought them together.   Continue Reading »

Randy and LeighAnn: Taking A Tiny Ceremony & Celebration And Making It Big/Huge!

Trend alert! In this work that I do, I’ve noticed a sweet trend in the past year:  couples taking a tiny ceremony and celebration and making it BIG/HUGE. Meet Randy and Leigh Ann and a wedding day for 2.  Randy and Leigh pulled out all of their stops for their wedding day. They booked an  Continue Reading »

Holiday Season 2012 – It’s Funny What I Remember…

The month of December 2012 was BIG/HUGE. It started with the celebration of same sex marriages on December 9th.  Then came “crazy day, 12/12/12.  And for some reason, after that, it was a parade of beautiful couples all getting married throughout the holiday season, up until the 11th hour of New Year’s Eve. And you  Continue Reading »

Aimie & Ted: A “Wedding Bike Ride” To And From The Willows Lodge!

You’ve gotta just love Aimie and Ted! I officiated their intimate evening wedding ceremony at The Willows Lodge this month.  I joined them on one fine weekday evening to learn that just a few hours before, they arrived at The Lodge on their bicycles! So, of course, Photographer Jenny Goldberg-George had to get this grand photo of them  Continue Reading »