“That Was So Much Fun!” That’s Right, Let’s Toss Out the Boring, “Blah, Blah, Blah” Seattle Wedding Ceremony…

I followed David and Britney back to the guest house at their venue, The Farm Kitchen, and as we sat down to sign marriage license documents on Saturday evening, Britney kept saying “gosh, that was so much fun!”

And I couldn’t agree more.  DavidBritneyFischer

The aspect of “fun” during a ceremony has less to do with me and more with a couple.

Look at these faces.  Now this is love.  This fun!

The “feeling” of a wedding ceremony does have to do with the Officiant’s style and delivery AND it has to do with a couple’s sense of graciousness, style and ease.

And uptight couple = uptight group.

An easy-going couple = FUN!  JOY!

It was such a happy pleasure to join David and Britney over this holiday weekend.  We celebrated their loving partnership.  We honored their families.  We all giggled with glee as they shared in a unique “chocolate and beer ritual.”  Yes, we had so much FUN!