The Beauty of a Fierce Love: A Marriage Celebration for Chris and Chloe in Yelm, August, 2023

Truth? There are couples that I remember forever.  Lovers who touch my heart in ways that reminds me why I do this work, and my passion for creating memorable and meaningful rituals that go beyond “Dearly Beloved.”

Such a couple is Chris and Chloe.

I met Chris a year ago when invited to create and deliver a Memorial Service for Chris’ Mother.  Fast forward to almost a year later, I received a note from Chris about his upcoming marriage to Chloe, and I jumped on the invitation – like, ‘heck, yes!

I worked with Chris and Chloe to design and deliver a wedding ceremony that not only celebrated the two of them, and their unique love story, but honored their best people, family and friends.  The setting was a private home in Yelm, owned by Chloe’s parents – and it was perfect. I arrived to find a decorated ceremony area with hay bales for seating and a sweet arbor that would frame the couple.

We had our ceremony, and truth be told, I don’t remember much.  I was in the moment, so focused on Chris and Chloe, and with the desire to amplify their loving relationship in the best of ways.

Afterwards, we signed legal documents, we had lots of hugs, and I slipped out.

How grateful I am to know both of you, Chris and Chloe.

You live life full out – with graciousness, spunk and sparkle, courage, and open hearts.  In your time together, you have grown so much – your devotion, acceptance and intimate understanding of what you have created as a couple inspires me, and those around you.

Love each other well, darlings!