The Joys, Adventures & Challenges of Our 2022 Wedding Season, Reflections from the Wedding Officiant Side…

I am sitting here on the side of my bed, in a hotel room in Oregon, finishing up a 3-day retreat.

I have more weddings this Fall, and the intensity of the Spring/Summer season is over.  With this, I ponder the universe, reflecting on the ordinary moments and the extraordinary moments of 2022.

Gratefully, I raise a glass to the little things that are so important to me around weddings:  my car started each time, no huge traffic snafus, getting to/from where I need to go, my outfits worked out well, (trust me, this is a big one!), I didn’t screw up or mess up in a minor or major way this year, with a ceremony script, (again, a big thing!).

With gratitude, my husband Greg holds down the ‘Wigglebutt Farm,’ our home and sanctuary of special needs and elderly dogs, while I go out and about the Puget Sound, doing my thing.  Truly, this is a gift and it gives me the opportunity to leave home without stress or pressure.

And so, I say, thank you. 

To the wedding vendors who have my back, as I have yours.  To the couples who trust me with the wedding ceremony portion of their wedding day, whether this is a large and formal affair, or a tiny ceremony for ‘2,’ overlooking Puget Sound. To my friends, who hold me up, especially when I need to talk something out or just need a shoulder.

I am so grateful for such a beautiful 2022.  It was wonderful.  It was hard.  It was complicated.  It was a gift.