Reviewed On 11/11/2015 by Bonnie R

I cannot imagine what this ceremony would have been like without Annemarie. She was so down to earth and a take lead person it was perfect for what we wanted in our officiant. She checked in with us and got to know us to the point where people asked us how long we had known because when she read our vows it was like she had known us from day one of our relationship. She has a great sense of humor but yet knows when to be serious. She is well worth the money and so much more!! Thank you Annemarie for making our day so "Happily Ever After."

Reviewed On 9/24/2015 by Knottie1443067508

Annemarie was an amazing officiant for our wedding. Neither of us had an exact picture of what we wanted our ceremony to be like, other than some general ideas about how we wanted it to feel. Annemarie met with us, sent us very extensive paperwork with questions to help her get to know us better, and personalize our ceremony to fit our individual personalities. She sent us a bunch of potential variants and was very receptive to our feedback. She also has a very charming stage presence, which really works to put the wedding party and guests at ease and make the whole thing more fun and less nerve-wracking. She's not the cheapest officiant you can find by a long shot, but worth every penny if you are looking to add a more personalized touch to your ceremony. Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without her!

Reviewed On 9/12/2015 by Jessica M

We can not say enough about how wonderful Annemarie is! From the minute we met her, we knew she would be the perfect person to lead our wedding ceremony. She was a joy to work with; you can tell she takes her job very seriously. The time and effort she spend crafting a personalized ceremony is apparent. All evening guests were coming up and telling us that it was the best wedding ceremony they've been part of - and we agree 100%. We can not thank her enough! Hiring Annemarie to lead your wedding ceremony will be the best decision you make!

Reviewed On 9/09/2015 by Knottie1441821434

We cannot say enough about how incredible Annemarie is! From the minute we met her, we knew her heart was in it. She is incredibly helpful and professional...and has an excellent sense of humor! She put us at ease and helped us every step of the way. Annemarie offered ideas and guidance which were perfect! After our ceremony, several people came up to us complimenting Annemarie! "She was great!" "Her presence was amazing!" Etc, etc. If you are looking for someone to truly be "in it" with you, Annemarie is the one! She's amazing and we are so thankful for her!! Becky & Susan

Reviewed On 8/19/2015 by Cara T

Annemarie is easily one of the best you can get. Granted, I'd never been married before, and didn't have a frame of reference. To that end, she assuaged my nerves and my wife's, and made it the perfect ceremony, as I played the classic role of "freaked-out/nervous groom." There's reverence in her ceremony, but it's customized to fit you as a couple. Essentially, the perfect balance. Wordy, romantic talk aside, her prices are reasonable as well. Whether it's your first wedding or your fourth, Annemarie is your officiant!

Reviewed On 8/13/2015 by Allie S

Annemarie was a wonderful officiant to work with. She was quick in her response to meet with us when we were looking for an officiant, and was very helpful and professional in our first meeting. We told her exactly what we wanted, and Annemarie constructed a beautiful ceremony. We loved how to the point she was, and we got many compliments from our guests on the day of the wedding as to how genuine, loving, and light-hearted our ceremony and vows were (no stuffiness). She truly made our big day special, and we are extremely thankful for the time she put into it!

Reviewed On 8/06/2015 by Heather S

If you are looking for a very personal, fun ceremony Annemarie is the officiant to book. She was beyond amazing and I could not be happier with our ceremony. She did everything she could to make sure everyone was relaxed and enjoyed the day!

Reviewed On 8/03/2015 by Jessica M

Annemarie is a one-of-a-kind officiant and the best there is! From our first conversation with Annemarie we knew she was the right officiant for us. Annemarie thoroughly listened to every thing we wanted to include in our ceremony, the environment and emotions we wanted to create, and the special touches that were important to us. She created a unique ceremony that was true to us in every way. She allowed us to give as much feedback/input as we wanted and guided us every step of the way. I knew I was in good hands and the ceremony was perfect. After the ceremony, all of our guests raved about Annemarie! They said she was the best officiant they ever witnessed. She was articulate, energetic, and sincere. She made the ceremony a unique experience instead of the same old rote phrases you hear at every wedding. She made it fun! We all felt the emotions of the day! I HIGHLY recommend Annemarie to anyone and everyone who wants a unique ceremony that is far more than the average exchange of vows, who wants an officiant who is there every step of the way with guidance and encouragement, and who wants a friend after it all is said and done. She is amazing. (Note: Our wedding was 2 hours away from Seattle. Annemarie arrived early and ready to go! 🙂 )

Reviewed On 6/15/2015 by DeeDee B

If you are still searching for your officiant, I highly recommend you meet Annemarie Juhlian! And if you are still searching you have probably read reviews about her; this is another positively glowing review of Annemarie! She is an absolute joy to know. My fiancé and I met with her for our initial visit which instantly felt like we were talking with a longtime friend. She is so warm, energetic, authentic and passionate about what she does and who she marries. We were immediately attracted to her personality and when we left our meeting that evening, both my fiancé and I knew we wanted her to marry us. We were not disappointed and you will not be either. We put our full trust in her and our ceremony was beautiful and loving and touching and fun, but not at all disrespectful to the specialness of a wedding. It was beyond what I hoped for! So many of our guests commented over and over about how fabulous Annemarie was and how perfect our ceremony was, and how much it truly spoke of Jim and I, as if she knew us for our whole relationship. She created the ceremony I didn’t even know I wanted, it was absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much Annemarie!

Reviewed On 1/29/2015 by Ann D

We were able to book AnneMarie last minute for a simple elopement. She was super responsive and sensitive to our wishes. The ceremony was exactly what we wanted it to be. I highly recommend her.

Reviewed On 1/08/2015 by Darrah C

Annemarie was referred to us by my dad, who is a wedding DJ and has worked with Annemarie a number of times. She totally exceeded my expectations in terms of what an officiant provides. My fiance and I met her for coffee a few months before our wedding. She asked us a few questions about how we met, what our relationship is like, and had us fill out a very detailed survey. I wasn't sure where all this was going until I read the ceremony script. We're not religious, so we wanted our ceremony to be about us as a couple. When she sent it over, I couldn't make it two lines in without crying. How could a woman who just met us know us so well? She totally nailed our sense of humor, without sacrificing the sentimental tone. The day of the wedding, she was so calm and collected. My fiance forgot his vows in the hotel room, and she made all the people who were worried about time feel rest assured things would continue to go smoothly. It's rare that your friends and family actually enjoy the ceremony portion of a wedding and talk about it afterwards, but all we heard were rave reviews about Annemarie, our hand-written vows, and how moving and hilarious the ceremony was. I wish Annemarie could marry us every year on our anniversary. Of all the things I've since forgotten about my wedding day, I'll never forget how special the ceremony was.

Reviewed On 12/05/2014 by Caitlin W

Annemarie is truly and unique and wonderful officiant. She gave my husband and I a beautiful ceremony that was tailored to the two of us, and in no way could be considered generic. I had many guests ask me how she knew us, thinking that she had known us for years because of how personal her ceremony was. Not only that, her professionalism was outstanding. She responded to all my questions very quickly, and she was great about ensuring that the rehearsal and ceremony were well organized and went on without a hitch. I highly recommend Annemarie to any bride and groom who wants a ceremony that reflects who they are as a couple.

Reviewed On 12/04/2014 by S L

I can't say enough positive things about Annemarie!! She was the perfect fit for us and we loved her right from the start. In fact, we didn't want to go with anyone else after first meeting her. She has so much positive energy, is nice, fun to be around, professional, experienced, and informative! Also, for a huge wedding like ours, Annemarie has a presence and can take command of a large audience! She is the consummate professional in everything she does! We had the perfect wedding ceremony thanks to Annemarie and received so many compliments from our guests. Can't say enough thanks!!!

Reviewed On 11/19/2014 by Devon M

My husband and I loved working with Annemarie as our wedding officiant! We interviewed a few others, but knew instantly when we met Annemarie that she was the one. She is so friendly, bubbly, confident, and reassuring. She's a true professional with many years of experience, and that shined through in her personal interactions with us and during our incredibly special ceremony. Several months before our wedding, we also did three private coaching sessions with Annemarie in our home that were so enriching and helpful. She posed questions to us that made us think about our future together, and prompted important discussions. We learned what each other really needs in a partner, and how we can be the best partners for each other. Even through we thought we were prepared for marriage prior to the sessions, our time with Annemarie made us feel even more confident. Annemarie got to know us very well through the sessions, and she was able to write a very personal ceremony for us. She sent us a draft well before our wedding day, and was very responsive and flexible as we worked together to finalize the ceremony to our liking. At the rehearsal, she took charge and gave everyone specific directions to make sure the ceremony went perfectly; again, that is where her experience with hundreds (maybe thousands?) of weddings really helped! The ceremony itself was the highlight of our wedding day. Just about all of our friends and family cried, as did both of us. I can't imagine having had anyone else to make our marriage official but Annemarie. Don't miss out on hiring her to make your big day even more special than you could hope!

Reviewed On 11/18/2014 by Knottie29959920

We were married on October 11th, and we couldn't have done it without Annemarie. We were blending families and had a lot to think about in planning our ceremony. Annemarie guided us through the process from beginning to end. She was professional, helpful, reassuring, and a calming force when it was game time. We are so thankful that we found her and she was able to make our ceremony everything we had hoped for.

Reviewed On 9/11/2014 by Dayna M

Annemarie was such a joy to work with, and I don't think I have enough words to express how great our ceremony was because of her! Not only is she professional and really knows her stuff, but she's sweet, caring, and has a wonderful energy about her. Our 15 month old daughter (she was 9 months old when we met Annemarie), liked her right away and Annemarie was so gentile and sweet with her. That's when we immediately knew that she would be officiating our wedding! She worked very closely with me during the planning phase of our wedding, and answered all questions that I had and even offered additional suggestions and ideas that I hadn't thought about! My husband and I went into this with no stress or worry, because we knew that it would be "all good, and at the end of the day we would be so very married" as Annemarie would say. I am so thankful to know Annemarie and so thankful that we got to share our special day with her!

Reviewed On 9/10/2014 by Judy A

My fiancé and I have never been the type of couple, nor individuals, to give a ton of thought to how our wedding would look. Thus, when we were engaged, neither of us had any idea on where to start. I can honestly say that the best decision we made was to start by meeting with Annemarie on our hunt for an officiant. The first meeting we had with her, we knew she was the one for us. We hit it off right away. It felt like she understood exactly what we wanted for our ceremony: personalized, not too religious, entertaining, and truly "us". It also felt like she really understood who we were as individuals and as a couple. She was able to offer amazing insight and guidance throughout our planning process that started by recommending other vendors to us that would meet our needs. Through Annemarie, we found our wonderful florist and photographer, and couldn't have asked for a better team the day of. On the day of the wedding, Annemarie made sure everyone knew what they were doing and where they should be at all times prior to the ceremony and during the ceremony. I never imagined going through my wedding day with my only concern being that I don't trip down the aisle, but Annemarie made sure that that would be my only concern all day! I didn't have to worry about anything else, which allowed me to focus on having a wonderful day. Her ceremony was perfect from entrance to exit. It couldn't have expressed or explained the relationship my fiancé and I have any better. She has this amazing presence that draws the audience to her, and this incredible sense of humor that will have all your guests giggling and smiling at all the right times. By the time we made it through our vows and the ring exchange, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. She also found a way to incorporate our dogs into the ceremony! If you truly want a personalized, heartfelt ceremony from a wonderful lady that takes the time to get to know you and your fiancé as a couple, and also as individuals, you can't go wrong with Annemarie.

Reviewed On 8/21/2014 by JoAnne A

We all know that often the ceremony part of a wedding is not what guests particularly look forward to when going to a wedding. They can be long, boring and all the same. Not the case with the amazing Annemarie. Hiring Annemarie was one of, if not THE, best decision we made in our wedding planning process. Annemarie took the time to get to know us both on an individual level, as well as as a couple. She is genuine and truly loves marrying people, which is reflected in her contagious smile and beautiful words. Our guests walked away from our ceremony laughing and crying and talking about how totally incredible and personal it was, and we walked away knowing our ceremony was truly the most important and memorable part of our wedding day.

Reviewed On 8/10/2014 by Knottie64935289

Imagine if you will, two Midwestern women, after 14 years of engagement, deciding to travel to Seattle to marry - sight unseen. Neither of us had ever been there before, knew nothing but what we have heard from others and seen in movies. We had a minister lined up through a friend whose family still lives in the area, but something just didn't feel right. This was going to be the most important, emotionally fueled day of our lives, for so many reasons, and we needed it to be perfect. Enter Annemarie Juhlian!! Found her completely by accident while searching for places to marry. After seeing her website about eloping to Seattle, we knew she was the one we wanted. We weren't able to have any pre-wedding meet and greets, or any face time prior to our Wedding day. We literally met her in the ferry terminal 40 minutes prior to boarding the Bainbridge Ferry for our ceremony. Everything, and I do mean everything, was perfectly orchestrated. She was the maestro to our symphony! I truly believe she is on a first name basis with Mother Nature, as it was late April, and the weather was sunny, unseasonably warm and Mount Rainier was loud and proud in the distance. Annemarie was poised, professional and the very definition of perfect. Her calming, humorous nature, her genuine love of sharing in people's commitments to one another shone brightly, as she led us through our emotional, endearing and fun loving ceremony. It was so much more than I ever expected. We laughed, cried, and laughed some more, as Annemarie quietly spoke about our historic moment- our joining of souls and lives, with all of nature and our family and friends looking on. Her beautifully delivered, heartfelt words resonate within us, and no one could have scripted our experience as perfectly as she did! If you have found her website, heard about her in any way- look no further, Annemarie is the only one to shape your dream wedding, into the reality you want it to be! Karen and Donna April 28, 2014

Reviewed On 8/07/2014 by Jessica R

I cannot say enough good things about Annemarie! She is amazing at what she does and puts a lot of time and effort into it. Our ceremony was everything we wanted. The way she wrote our ceremony made it sound like she had know us for years and it was very heartfelt and intimate. I will recommend Annemarie to anyone that asks!

Reviewed On 7/11/2014 by Sara B

I can honestly say that our wedding was seamless, spectacular, and memorable all thanks to Annemarie!!! She came to our rehearsal and took charge in the most gracefull way. She made sure everyone understood their role, the flow of the ceremony and fixed any issues in the moment. She was understanding of our special requests and worked to create the most meaningful ceremony I've ever seen. She went above and beyond to make our day the most special day. I know I'm a bit biased about my own wedding but everyone that attended had so many wonderful things to say about our ceremony and specifically Annemarie. A handful of guests even requested her information for themselves or people they knew getting married soon. I'd reccommend her to anyone. Because I knew she understood our vision and was totally in control, I could relax and enjoy our wedding rather than try to explain things or take charge myself. I don't know what I would have done without her!

Reviewed On 7/01/2014 by kimndan123

If you are looking for a warm caring consummate professional for your wedding ceremony Annemarie Juhlian is it. Dan and I met Annemarie for the first time about 4 months before our ceremony; it was a short 30 minute meeting that gave both us and Annemarie a chance to overview our expectations and check out each other’s personalities. As my then finance and I walked out of the meeting we both looked at each other and said “she’s perfect!” Over the next couple of months Annemarie was in contact with us giving us homework and gathering information and the end result was exactly the same as Annemarie in a word PERFECT! Shortly after the ceremony and in the days following both friends and family alike commented on how personal our ceremony was and just how wonderful our officiant was. Annemarie wrote and delivered a very personal, warm and inviting ceremony and as we sit and reflect on the day we feel so blessed to have had Annemarie as a part of our wedding day.

Reviewed On 5/01/2014 by Andree L

Love working with AnneMarie. She wrote a personalized script that was reflective of us and the atmosphere we wanted to inject into our ceremony. Everyone said they loved how personal, unique and beautiful the ceremony was and that it wasn't "run of the mill".

Reviewed On 3/31/2014 by Rsasso5

There are simply no words great enough to describe Annemarie, however I will do my best. I first found out about her from reading online reviews, the comments were all excellent! I decided to set up our first meeting and when my husband and I met her, I knew right away she was a perfect fit for us! Not only did she come across with the utmost professionalism, but we also found out that she dedicates all of her "free" time to rescuing and adopting disabled and senior citizen dogs! That was it for us, you could see and feel her compassion and also her sincerity when talking about the couples who she had married. Annemarie provided us with questionnaires, one for each of us and one we would both work on. I have to say, that experience was incredible, it was so wonderful to be able to tell her our story. During the entire process leading up to the big day, she always followed through and was always accessible and timely. We were excited when we saw her in action for the first time as she led the rehearsal, she was amazing! She rallied everyone which I can imagine isn't easy with a big wedding party, but she was perfect! She had everyone on point and walked us through the steps with ease and simplicity. On the big day, she arrived early to make sure we were all set and that everything was exactly the way we discussed! The ceremony was beyond our dreams magical! It was literally everything we could have ever imagined and more! Annemarie knew the story of my husband and I from the questionnaires, but it was her delivery! She was so engaging and sincere, it was as though she had known us forever! She had our guests so in tune yet she was completely focused on us! After our ceremony, my husband and I lost count of the number of family and friends that came up to us to compliment her; they fell in love with her as we did! There it no other like Annemarie, she is absolutely unbelievable!!! Thank you from the bottom of our heart for everything!!!

Reviewed On 3/13/2014 by carolinesebastian

Annemarie was our lovely and wonderful Officiant. And she was, as she first shared with us during our first meeting, our "ceremony air traffic controller." We couldn't have asked for a better ceremony or better Officiant. Annemarie lead our rehearsal(with lots of humor)and brought peace and calm to my heart. She arrived in plenty of time on our wedding day and we loved knowing everything would be okay - "Annemarie had arrived!" And everything was more than okay. Our ceremony started on time (a big deal to us) and everything was wonderful. Annemarie brought such joy to our ceremony and told our story - as we look back, we are very proud. If you are seeking an amazing officiant, you must call or email Annemarie. We would give her hundreds of stars if we could!

Reviewed On 2/23/2014 by ArgoeM

From the first email exchange, Annemarie was professional and reliable. At our first meeting, I felt a total connection with her. We had attended the same college back in New York, but her radiant personality and passion for her job as a wedding officiate won me over. Day of the wedding, Annemarie arrived and coordinated last minute details before the ceremony. She spent a few minutes with me calming my nerves and making me smile. She was a breeze of calm fresh air. My nerves were calmed and was able to really enjoy my wedding ceremony. The ceremony itself was personal, humorous, meaningful, and beautiful. Everything I had ever dreamed of for my wedding.

Reviewed On 1/02/2014 by ipstirling

We met Annemarie through our wedding planner. At our first meeting we connected on an incredible level and knew immediately she would be the one who married us. Her guidance and thought provoking questions helped us gain a deeper understanding of each other while she was working on our ceremony. Annemarie was always available to talk and encouraged us to ask her for anything. She is truly a wondrous soul and I can't imagine her not being a part of our day. Her ceremony was intimate and thought provoking and the way she commanded the 150+ guests was astonishing. Her love of dogs is admirable and the way she soothed our golden retriever at the ceremony was heart warming. I can, without a doubt, say Annemarie made our wedding ceremony and I can't recommend her enough. We've made a life long friend and are so grateful she was able to marry us.

Reviewed On 12/19/2013 by Renee K

Annemarie was such a joy to work with. She has an amazing talent for making ceremonies- especially making a personal touching ceremony that no one would forget. I knew from the first meeting that Annemarie was the officiant for us! She has so much energy and you can tell she loves what she does. She was there from the rehearsal to after the ceremony and every moment in between. She helped with any questions I had and was always so helpful. I couldn't have asked for a better person to lead our special day. We were so lucky to have hired her.

Reviewed On 10/28/2013 by sarajeandangel

Everything about working with Annemarie was so easy and fun! I can't believe how seamlessly everything came together the day of the wedding. It was a small wedding and she made everyone feel included....parents, grandparents, new step son, and our friends & family too. It was talked about all day how well the ceremony fit "us". We were so pleased. I would tell anyone to use Annemarie. So professional and fun at the same time. Perfect combo for the fun & relaxed wedding that we wanted! Thank you:)

Reviewed On 10/28/2013 by HGGQ

If you're looking for an officiant just stop what you're doing now and book Annemarie before someone steals your date! She was perfect for us. Absolutely perfect! We considered hiring a wedding planner but after meeting with Annemarie we realized we didn't need to spend the money on one. Annemarie was fantastic and helped guide everything the day of the wedding. Annemarie made a point of getting to know us and what we wanted our wedding to be. She had us answer many questions and got to know what was important to us. She also took special care to know who was important to us and how to include them in our ceremony. She made our service so absolutely touching and beautiful. During the reception, everyone was talking about how fantastic she was. They were right. They loved her! And so did we!! Please understand, I work for a local TV station and we aren't an easy crowd! She dazzled everyone! Hire Annemarie and the right DJ (Greg Lowder) and florist (Jon Throne) and they will make you wedding magical. They did ours!

Response from the Vendor on 11/01/2013

Holly! Thank you for reflecting back to me my love for this work that I do. It brings me great joy to know that the two of you have beautiful and sweet memories of your gorgeous wedding day at The Edgewater Hotel. I couldn't be any happier in life than to have the profound honor to share in a wedding day. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to celebrate your inspiring and loving relationship with the gift of a marriage ceremony. Much, much continued happiness to both of you!