Reviewed On 10/24/2013 by Kelly S

We were married on 10/12/13 in a beautiful ceremony crafted by Annemarie Juhlian. Annemarie exhibited the utmost in professionalism from beginning to end of this journey. We first reached out to Annemarie about 8 months prior to our wedding - she had come highly recommended from our photographer and my mom found similar glowing reviews for Annemarie on the internet. We met with Annemarie in person very soon after I first contacted her and decided quickly that she would be a great match! She is bubbly, personable, detail-oriented, as kind as can be and very professional. We discussed our vision for the ceremony and our expectations of her, plus her expectations of us so she could craft a personalized ceremony. After filling out the worksheets she had provided us, she sent the first draft for our ceremony. There were so many things we loved right away. We wanted a short, yet sincere ceremony with some humor added in. Any adjustments we wanted to make, she made them right away. She would, however, offer some guidance if there were aspects we wanted to change that would negatively affect our ceremony and I was so appreciative of that as I am not a ceremony expert, that is what we hired Annemarie for. My biggest kudos to Annemarie is that she answers calls/emails within minutes! And, as a bride, having vendors reply promptly is of the utmost importance. I was always confident that I could contact Annemarie at any point and hear back immediately. Additionally, she handled our rehearsal like a rock star: she was in charge, confident, professional and even kept the 6 groomsmen easy task 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend Annemarie - you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed On 10/24/2013 by Julie S

We just got married on October 18th, 2013 at The Golf Club at Newcastle. Annemarie was more than amazing. She made our ceremony very personal and not cookie cutter at all. Our ceremony was rather emotional (both my parents and my grandmother are deceased and she had included them into our ceremony. To reiterate on the personal aspect of it, she made both of us answer a questionnaire about our lives which made our ceremony unique. We had handfuls of guests coming up and asking us where we had found her. Her services where definitely worth her price. I have read her reviews and I am appalled that someone would ever say anything negative about her. She made our wedding spectacular.

Reviewed On 10/22/2013 by Emily G

We couldn't get married in our church due to annulment issues but wanted something that honored the spiritual and personal without offending our beliefs or our families so we chose an officiant that was without a specific faith and not just a judge, and a rather pricey one! Annemarie certainly attempted to personalize as much as possible for the ceremony. We filled out extensive worksheets and had due dates but she was quite responsive and flexible about those with my very busy husband which he was grateful for. She was not flexible with our rehearsal time and that was difficult because everyone from out of town, taking time off of work and two of our participants own their own businesses. She was great about including my 9 year old stepson without making him feel uncomfortable while still feeling like he had a role and was pleased with himself and us for it. The downside is she was aggressively argumentative with us about what we wanted from the ceremony and even things out of her realm, like the photos. More importantly, in the weeks after the ceremony we received a number of complaints from our guests that she had accused them of stealing her purse. We had the entire venue reserved for our wedding so it was a private party. No one stole anything. One guest had simply moved her purse to the more secure family location believing it did in fact belong to a family member. My guests were so horrified that no one told me day of and I have since spent time apologizing to many of my guests. I recommend screening thoroughly for a good officiant.

Response from the Vendor on 11/08/2013

Emily, I never accused anyone of stealing nor am I aggressive in action or argumentative in demeanor. Delivering a one-of-a-kind, non-judgmental and beautiful ceremony is what I do, and thank you for acknowledging that I was able to do this and include your young stepson in a special way. The group photo: knowing your venue so well, I was concerned for the safety of all high-heeled ladies going up and down steel grate stairs that I knew lay ahead. I wanted to prevent injury or fall by suggesting a lovely, safer area for your post-ceremony group photo. For any sense you had that I was pushing too hard on this, my sincere apology. And yes, I was alarmed when my purse was gone, and I do recall raising my voice over the small group of people in the foyer who were not yet downstairs for the group photo to ask if someone had seen/moved it. Please know that I take everything to heart and reflect on all of it. I care deeply in every way about you and all my couples. Best wishes to you, your husband and stepson as you move forward in life as a new family.

Reviewed On 6/27/2013 by Aja T

My husband and I are not religious at all, so we didn't want to get married in a church by a pastor or whatever you call it. We found a selection of celebrants and officiants that would perform non-religious ceremonies, but Annemarie stood out, and when we met her we knew that we had to go with her. She works with you to write a ceremony that is all about the two of you and it comes out just perfect. All of our other vendors said they loved her when they'd ask who we had officiating. All of our guests said it was the best ceremony they'd ever heard. It just feels great knowing it's special and that no one else is going to have the same thing said at their wedding. She is so great to work with, and always there if you have any questions. I believe she does some counselling as well but we did not do that. She is really just a wonderful person and I highly recommend her.

Reviewed On 6/04/2013 by Robert G

When my husband and I met Annemarie, we knew immediately that she was the perfect Officiant for our wedding. It was clear to us that she had a passion for her work, and an extraordinary commitment to ensuring that our ceremony was an expression of who we are as a couple. Annemarie worked with us from the very beginning not only to fulfill our vision, but to have us explore a deeper, more profound vision for what our ceremony could be. We had been together 17 years, and Annemarie knew that we had experienced so much in that time that our wedding was an opportunity to celebrate our years together, as well as the next chapter of our lives as a married couple. She understood that the words we used in the creation and delivery of our ceremony would create the experience for us and everyone in attendance, and she worked with us to make sure that each and every sentence was designed in the spirit of fulfilling our vision. She invited some of our friends and family to contribute their own sentiments about us as a part of the ceremony, which she read aloud, and that added such a deep sense of family, community and love to the experience. We wanted this to be a celebration of our lives together, but also to have each and every person in attendance leave being touched, moved and inspired about the relationships that matter most to them in their lives, and Annemarie accomplished this, and so much more! Several friends said this was the most beautiful and inspiring wedding they had ever attended. My husband and I are even more in love, and our life together is transformed and even more joyous as a direct impact of the partnership we had the privilege to create with Annemarie, and words cannot fully express the thankfulness and gratitude we have for having met her and for the gift of having her officiate at our ceremony. We love you Annemarie! Robert & Dennis

Reviewed On 5/28/2013 by Jennifer H

Annemarie was the officiant to my wedding with my now-husband. At the time, my fiance and I were very worried about hiring someone we didn't know, and since we are both atheist, it was important to us to have a secular wedding. Annemarie pulled everything off without a hitch. The ceremony that she wrote for us was workable and she had great ideas for all different types of weddings. After our first meeting, my fiance and I felt much better, and we trusted in Annemarie. Best thing we could have done! I would highly recommend Annemarie to anyone!

Reviewed On 5/22/2013 by Sallee T

We loved Annemarie! She executed the most beautiful, loving ceremony. She kept us on time too! It feels like she totally knew us and our entire relationship. We HIGHLY recommend Annemarie!

Reviewed On 4/02/2013 by Debbie V

My fiancé and I were looking for a small and intimate but very special ceremony for our wedding. Annemarie provided the most beautiful ceremony we could have imagined. Her words reflected exactly how we felt about each other and of our love for each other. When we had to change the ceremony time Annemarie was most accommodating. Her advice and suggestions were invaluable. We found her very friendly and easy going. She truly cared about making our day as special as it could be. Debbie and Joe Vance

Reviewed On 3/12/2013 by marina t

Annemarie is simply amazing~ We came across her while planning our long distance wedding. Upon speaking on the phone, we clicked immediately! We loved the idea of doing our own personal ceremony that was unique to us and could incorporate all the things that we loved. Annemarie was very easy to work with, a pleasure to have as part of our wedding and I would recommend her to anyone. She was very professional and well dressed at the wedding, spoke well and delivered a wonderful ceremony. All of our guests commented on how fabulous and unique this ceremony was, stating that they had not seen a ceremony like this before, raving about how it was so "us". It was a pleasure to work with Annemarie and despite the distance, she made this process easy. We were so glad to have found Annemarie and were thrilled with the overall wedding planning process as she made this a lot of fun. We liked the little personal questionnaire as we got to go through our past history together, how we met, what we love about each other and what we hope for the future! Thanks Annemarie, we could not have asked for a better officiant~

Reviewed On 1/28/2013 by Leigh V

She is amazing!!!!

Reviewed On 1/21/2013 by Mary D

I was so pleased with Annemarie and got many comments from guests saying that it was the most touching ceremony they had ever witnessed. She took the time to get to know us and even talked to family members about us as a couple. It was exactly what we wanted and more. I would highly recommend Annemarie.

Reviewed On 1/17/2013 by Madeleine C

We first met Annemarie having no real idea of what we were after, and she guided us seamlessly through our first meeting, putting us at ease and offering suggestions and advice beyond the ceremony itself. After providing her with background information, Annemarie crafted and sent through a draft ceremony to us for our review. It was exactly what we wanted, and included some beautiful touches that we incorporated into the ceremony but would never have thought of ourselves. In the weeks leading up to our wedding day, Annemarie responded to our emails with succinct answers in a very timely fashion, and when we had to re-schedule our rehearsal not once but twice at the last minute, Annemarie was extremely flexible and accommodated our schedules. On the day, Annemarie guided us through the ceremony with elegance and ease, and we felt like we were in great hands at all times. The ceremony was very personal and crafted specifically for us, and we received lots of positive feedback from our guests. We really couldn't have asked for anything more. I would wholeheartedly recommend Annemarie to anyone thinking of getting married!

Reviewed On 1/07/2013 by Anne K

Annemarie was the officiant for our small but very special ceremony. She is thorough and professional, demonstrating an obvious love for what she does. Every single guest commented on how she truly understood us as a couple. The day was wonderful and worry-free, thanks to Annemarie and her expertise. I highly recommend her to anyone in Western Washington.

Reviewed On 1/01/2013 by Rich A

My fiance and myself contacted Annemarie with less than a week's advance notice to officiate our ceremony. Long story short we found Annemarie from the great reviews she has already received. She was very inviting and was excited to find a way to make our ceremony happen and still be one to remember. We found her to be an extremely warm and efficient person to work with. Her energy and contagiously fantastic smile made the special day go very smoothly and very very memorable. Thank you very much for your great service style. What a stress free wedding ceremony we had 😉 Fantastic!!!

Reviewed On 11/19/2012 by Christina C

We were married by Annemarie Juhlian on 10/26/2012. Annemarie is fantastic! She was truely a pleasure to work with. We are not a very traditional couple and wanted a fun, light-hearted ceremony while still being classy. She gave us exactly what we asked for and really set the tone for the entire evening. My guests all raved about the ceremony!

Reviewed On 10/24/2012 by Megan G

Oh my goodness, I can't say enough good things about Annemarie. She wrote us a BEAUTIFUL ceremony. I was a bit worried about how a non denominational ceremony would turn out. Would it be too short? But Annemarie crafted the most elegant, thoughtful, wonderful ceremony. Everyone came up later and told me how great she was and how lovely the ceremony was - how it focused on the commitment that my husband and I were making to each other. My uncle even told me he normally tunes in and out of weddings, but he listened to her every word. You will not regret hiring Annemarie. She is fabulous.

Reviewed On 9/25/2012 by a member

Annemarie was fantastic and I could not recommend her more to other people! Having attended several weddings I see that officiants create the intimacy and individuality of the ceremony. She did this so well at ours that the guests kept asking "where did you find her, she was absolutely fantastic?!" I don't normally write reviews, but it is important to me that we get the word out about her because she made our wedding that much better and I want others to feel that way too. She brings enthusiasm, wit, joy, and a level of safety. We felt secure and she carried us through the wedding with grace. The care that she has for people radiates from her whole body. She took the wedding from great, to another level. If you value an outstanding and memorable ceremony, Annemarie is your woman!

Reviewed On 9/20/2012 by Merle G

In looking for a wedding officiant, my fiancee and I knew we wanted someone non-traditional and someone who could work with us to create a unique experience. We wanted someone who would allow our input, yet assist us in creating the perfect ceremony that was uniquely us! Since we weren't young "kids" in our 20's and not interested in a traditional ceremony and non denominational,we were looking for something different that we could create to embody our values and exactly who we were and what we were all about. From our first meeting with Annemarie, we both knew we found what we were looking for. Someone professional (like us) who we could count on to come through with exactly what we discussed and no surprises. We got all that and more. Not only did we co-create a ceremony that was exactly what we wanted, custom made for us, but we also both felt very taken care of, on the most perfect day of our lives! Annemarie's professionalism, attention to detail, her ability to take charge at the rehearsal and ceremony, and her follow through made the ceremony something we could comfortably leave in her hands without having to worry about on or before our big day. It was everything we both envisioned. Over a month later, we still have guests coming to us telling us just how unique our ceremony was and how much they enjoyed it. We continue to reflect on our most perfect day and Annemarie was a huge part of it and hard to imagine it without her.

Reviewed On 8/14/2012 by Marian C

We love Annemarie! Our wedding ceremony turned out beautiful. All out guests raved how unique and different our ceremony was! Even though their were some hold ups trying to get the party lined up everything turned out great! Thanks Annemarie for making out ceremony memorable!

Reviewed On 6/26/2012 by Rhonda B

Annemarie did such a good job with my ceremony. She brought new ideas to keep it interesting and kept the flow moving so that there was never a boring part.

Reviewed On 6/20/2012 by a member

After reaching out to a few officiants I had researched online I was less than impressed with the responses I received. This was definitely not the case when I contacted Annemarie. From our first interaction I knew she was organized, well prepared and was going to be the take charge person I needed to lead our wedding ceremony. Annemarie was absolutely fabulous to work with and I didn't have to worry about a thing on the wedding day. In addition, she provided pre-marital coaching services to us prior to the wedding which were invaluable for our marriage and allowed her to construct the perfect ceremony for us as a couple. She was able to incorporate our diverse family backgrounds in a service that pleased everyone. On the wedding day, Annemarie took care of everything. Even getting my starving husband a snack pre-ceremony when she could tell he was famished. I received so many compliments on the ceremony and it wouldn't have been the same wonderful experience without Annemarie.

Reviewed On 6/05/2012 by Karen P

I am a young lady who loves tradition and old school values. I grew up thinking that my big day would be held in a big church with my priest, who had given me my first communion long ago, who would now be marrying myself and my 'Mr. Perfect for me'. It didn't come true when plans had fallen through and I had a new type of unfamiliar journey which was finding an officiant. I had no idea where to start or how to even begin to look for one. Lucky for me, bridal expos were like the newest thing for brides to be and I happen to be 'shopping' on the website when I stumbled onto officiant and immediately I was drawn into Annemarie's website and how she eloquently stated her passion and love of what she does. What drew me into her website was that any doubts or questions I had were immediately answered on her website. The natural next thing to do was to meet her in person. My husband and I were the epitome of planning a 'budget wedding' but no one can place a value of how much Annemarie made our big day that extra special. Not only to us, but also to our parents who are of religious faith. She performed the Filipino traditions so well as if she had done it before and also had no qualms conducting prayers and rites that were special to our families. Annemarie is not only very professional, but she is a great listener and has a big heart. I can't express enough how truly grateful we were to have her perform our ceremony. She put me at ease and always had our interest at heart. What I loved most was that she incorporated old tradition with a touch of modern feel that fit us both. She is truly a pro at what she loves doing.

Reviewed On 6/03/2012 by Jeanette O

From the first contact we knew she was the right Officiant for us. Annemarie truly was AMAZING! She loves what she does, and we really felt so fortunate to have her as part of our special day. We wanted a fun and personalized celebratory event...

Reviewed On 5/30/2012 by Clare F

Dear Annemarie, Thank you sooo much for the AMAZING Wedding Ceremony you performed for us on April 28th! It felt like a fairy tale and dream come true! It is so hard to think of words to describe the feelings that we felt during our ceremony. I know we all worked really hard on pulling it all together. Because of all of your in-depth questions that we answered about us and our lives, you created an amazing "custom wedding ceremony" all about us, our lives, our families, friends and loved ones. We have been to a number of weddings before, and also have both been married previously. Our memories were of very dry ceremonies. Well, not with you! You brought passion, love, and humor to our ceremony. We have received many many compliments about your ceremony, all of them with the same conclusion, that ours was the "best" wedding ceremony they had ever been to! We agree! Thank you so much for including our family and friends in our ceremony. We loved the part about my mom walking me down the aisle. That was so sweet to have her included. You did an amazing job from start to finish, including our wedding rehearsal. Then when the actual wedding day unfolded, you worked seamlessly with our "day of" wedding planner to pull it all off. I was so involved with putting this wedding together, and it was so nice to know I could finally relax on the "day of" and trust you and my wedding planner to take over. Everything went so smoothly Annemarie. You did not let us down! We will highly recommend you to anyone we know who is getting married. Thank you again! Rick and Clare

Reviewed On 5/29/2012 by Mariko W

My husband and I cannot thank annemarie enough about the wonderful wedding ceremony she gave us. People came up to us at the reception asking us how we knew her and how she knew us so well... some of them thought she was a close friend of ours. Thats how good she is! She took the time to get to know us and created a ceremony that even us couldnt have done more perfectly. Annemarie is so professional while being so personable. I would recommend her to anybody.

Reviewed On 4/28/2012 by Christy B

Many people commented on what a fantastic job she did and we couldn't agree more. Even my mom said she did a great job and she's very picky since she wanted her husband to do it for us. At the rehearsal she took the lead and kept it moving with good humor and patience. During the ceremony she made it easier for me to keep it together for a little while and then to keep it together enough to at least speak after I started crying. 🙂 She knows how to make everyone laugh at the right time and she knows how to make things happen at just the right times. She added just the right amount of gravity to the ceremony without making it too intense. We are so happy with everything she helped us with. She is always in great spirits and it made us feel confident that it was going to be perfect. And contrary to what everyone told us to expect out of our wedding, it was perfect. Thank you so much Annemarie!

Reviewed On 4/03/2012 by Leah R

Annemarie is amazing! She did an amazing job on our ceremony! When she initally sent the draft of how our ceremony would be (vows and all), I had to stop reading because it was so emotional and well written. On our wedding day, when I felt like everything was going wrong, she calmed my nerves, took charge and made sure that our ceremony went smoothly! I couldn't imagine our ceremony going any better than it did.

Reviewed On 11/26/2011 by Paige H

My husband and I attended a wedding that Annemarie officiated and immediately fell in love. She is incredibly charismatic and wrote a beautiful ceremony, celebrating the love story of the couple. That was exactly what WE wanted! We hired Annemarie to be our wedding celebrant - we wanted a non-religious ceremony that was completely tailored to US! She is extremely well organized and communicative. We did pre-marital coaching with Annemarie which definitely helped set us up for success. It also allowed her to get to know us, as a couple and as individuals. She gave us questionnaires via email and asked us to complete them individually and as a couple - she used this information to write us a PERFECT ceremony. She allowed us to customize/edit/revise everything she did until it was perfect. (It didn't take much!) She had wonderful, creative suggestions for different aspects of our ceremony. On the day of the rehearsal - Annemarie whipped our wedding party into shape. I greatly appreciated her no-nonsense, organized, approach. It took a lot of the pressure off of me! On the wedding day, she delivered a flawless ceremony - one that we'll always remember and cherish. Our guests raved about the ceremony - saying it was the best they'd heard...that it was all about US (which is very important, on your wedding!) We adore Annemarie beyond words and you would be SO LUCKY to have her officiate your ceremony!

Reviewed On 11/08/2011 by Maple C

Tim and I really feel so lucky to have had Annemarie as our wedding officiant. The ceremony that she wrote for us was not only heartfelt and beautiful; it also incorporated aspects that we would not have thought of by ourselves. We’re of Asian descent, and knowing that, Annemarie included eight blessings for us (8 being a lucky number in our culture). A lot of our families flew in from different states and countries, and she made sure to give them a special welcome and thanks for travelling such a far distance to attend. Not only is Annemarie thoughtful, she’s extremely charismatic, professional and experienced. After our initial meeting, I instantly felt that if there was one thing I didn’t have to worry about for the wedding, it would be how the ceremony turned out. She had everyone in the audience in tears, it was amazing! Thank you so much, Annemarie; you’re wonderful!

Reviewed On 9/24/2011 by Jennifer M

Annemarie - It was such a pleasure working with her. From beginning to end, we felt totally taken care of in all ways - from our initial consultation to creating our ceremony to the rehearsal and more - ultimately getting us married. She arrived extra early on our wedding day to help take care of things before the ceremony - I was extra stressed at rehearsal and knowing this, she surprised me by coming to the ceremony early to help out. Annemarie is a true professional - she's warm, loving and knows her work well. She truly has a gift for what she does and this shows in how she interacted with us and our family and friends. Annemarie, thank you so much!