Reviewed On 9/20/2011 by Emily D

Annemarie totally saved us. We walked into rehearsal, late from traffic and totally flustered, and she got us organized and ready to go in no time. She is extremely punctual and keeps everything on schedule--if you have a 6:00 PM wedding, the processional will start at 5:59 PM. No joke. And our wedding was big--3 child attendants, 5 each of bridesmaids/groomsman, and 200 guests. She kept the audience engaged throughout the ceremony (people told us they actually were NOT bored), and got quite a few laughs from the crowd. Plus, she can roll with it if things don't go as planned and make sure that it doesn't result in disaster. Annemarie has some extensive pre-wedding paperwork: there is a couples worksheet, and then an individual one for each of you to fill out. This ensures that the ceremony is personal and reminiscent of you as a couple. One thing it keep in mind is that she will know you very well on paper, but she does not get to know you well as a person because she is in high demand and hence very busy. She will not attend your reheasal dinner and she will not stay to mingle at the reception. But she will get the job done, and she does it well.

Reviewed On 9/15/2011 by Jila B

Annemarie made our wedding ceremony truly personal. People told us they cried at our wedding -- and they never cry at weddings! Because I wanted to honor my Persian heritage, Annemarie suggested incorporating a honey ceremony in our wedding. My husband and I fed each other a taste of honey to sweeten our marriage. It was a unique and special touch. Because we love to travel and have adventures, Annemarie suggested making an adventure box. We made 25 envelopes with adventures in them. Every anniversary, we will select an adventure for the coming year. Our honeymoon was the first adventure we picked from the box! Annemarie was a master orchestrator for us at our wedding. She made sure everyone was in the right place and the ceremony started on time! She coordinated with our vendors so everyone knew their cues and had appetizers waiting for us after the ceremony in our room. She is always on top of things and returns e-mails promptly. She also was very accommodating for us when our venue changed our rehearsal date at the last minute. We couldn't have had a more beautiful wedding! Annemarie crafted us an elegant, meaningful, and momentous ceremony that was a reflection of us as a couple.

Reviewed On 9/04/2011 by Barbara S

The wedding was so beautiful & we have gotten so many compliments about how smoothly things went, the words which were shared, the location & the joy which was expressed. Everyone loved Annemarie's words & felt so welcomed - especially the mentioning of the parents & grandparents. Each of our parents were deeply touched by this gesture. The fact that most of the wedding party were in tears, is astonishing. We could not have done it without Annemarie. She was not only professional, she possessed grace, charm and spontaneity. She made our beginning chapter as a married couple - the most cherished & happy moment. We've been told throughout the day today - about how much fun people had & how they were filled with joy & laughter. That truly was our goal, however, it went so much better than we anticipated.

Reviewed On 9/01/2011 by Amy S

There comes a time, either right as preparations begin, or somewhere amidst the planning, when you realize that the ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. Finding someone who can handle this weighty role with grace and enthusiasm is not easy to come by. That is why Annemarie was such a gift to us. From our first meeting we were so pleased with everything Annemarie did to understand and acknowledge our unique love story. First and foremost, Annemarie is very passionate about what she does. This undoubtedly came through in all of her interactions with us, as we could tell that she genuinely loves to create personal ceremonies for couples. She had a sincere interest in getting to know our story, what is special about our relationship, and was creative in the way she translated this into a personalized ceremony. Additionally, she is extremely prompt. Any questions or concerns were answered almost immediately which is so important when trying to iron out last minute details. The most wonderful thing that my partner and I experienced is how at ease she is with same sex couples. She sees our love as no different than any other type of love, and treated it as such. She respects our relationship and our choice to marry just as she does any heterosexual relationship-- and it is in the way that she did not draw attention to it that makes all the difference. If there was a sort of "special" or differential treatment, that would be awkward. She is simply generous of spirit and wanted to help us to have the wedding of our dreams. Which she did. We are so grateful for the experience we shared with Annemarie and are confident in giving her the fanfare she deserves. She has become an important part of our lives, and in fact, we have arranged a standing date with her to renew our vows every anniversary. We simply like her that much.

Reviewed On 8/16/2011 by Jill J

Requesting Annemarie to be your wedding officiant will be the best decision you make in your wedding planning. I highly recommend that you stop your search and seek her out as your officiant! She is warm, friendly, funny, direct, accommodating, helpful, insightful, reflective, easy to work with, calming, well-spoken one-on-one and with crowds. We knew we had the best officiant because every one of vendors knew Annemarie and commented on how lucky we were to have her as our officiant. She touched our hearts tremendously and made our ceremony feel like a fairytale. I do not know what I would have done without her. I am not exaggerating when I say that every guest I spoke with commented on how beautiful and personal the ceremony was. I could write for a long time about how amazing she is but you should just see for yourself!

Reviewed On 7/28/2011 by Emily T

Annemarie went above and beyond to make our wedding ceremony personal. We were living about four hours from where we were going to get married, so did not meet Annemarie until the actual wedding day. Through conversations and e-mails, Annemarie truly got to know us and our ceremony reflected us perfectly as a couple. She seemed to know exactly what we wanted to say to each other, she incorporated our family and guests into the ceremony and was an incredible communicator. It could not have been any better!!

Reviewed On 7/08/2011 by k D

Paul and I were married in April of 2011. We decided that we wanted a more contemporary ceremony that would be more memorable and crafted more specifically to us as a couple and family. Annemarie crafted a beautiful ceremony with a mix of emotional serious moments and humor, that touched and included not only us but our families and guests as well. Annemarie is a truly gifted officiant, professional, and experienced. She has a true gift, and will tailor your ceremony to your weddings style, size and beliefs. I can’t recommend her with enough enthusiasm to do justice to the phenomenal job she did at our wedding.

Reviewed On 6/28/2011 by Carynne D

Our ceremony was exactly what we wanted. Annemarie worked with us to create a personal experience that really spoke to us. She was so organized and really took charge at the rehearsal and on our wedding day, which enabled us to relax and enjoy the experience.

Reviewed On 6/28/2011 by Tristin S

As soon as Justin and I came across your website we knew you were the person to marry us. Then after I spoke with you on the phone it made me even more confident that we had found the perfect officiant to marry us! Our ceremony fit us perfectly; it was elegant, entertaining and beautiful! Everyone is still telling us how wonderful our ceremony was. Thank you so much Annemarie for making our special day PERFECT! Although, we never met in person until the day of rehearsal it was like we had known each other for a while! Annemarie gets right down to business and takes charge which is really helpful to get the rehearsal done quickly. Justin and I along with the 100+ guests we have would strongly recommend Annemarie to anyone who wants to have a beautiful unique ceremony that fits you and your husband to be ---PERFECTLY!

Reviewed On 6/13/2011 by Amanda T

George and I could not pass up an opportunity to publicly share how blessed we feel to know you and to have had you as our Officiant for our wedding ceremony last month. Girl, you are as advertised! We loved you from the start and you didn't let us down - you wrote a gorgeous ceremony - handled our rowdy bunch at rehearsal - showed up on our wedding day and took our rowdy bunch to an elegant bunch and started our ceremony in a way that was classy and peaceful. George and I loved the laughter in our ceremony and what you call the 'hankie moments." We can't thank you enough for sharing our day with us. Amanda & George 5/15/11 - Seattle

Reviewed On 6/07/2011 by Deserae W

Annemarie is a take-charge kind of gal and I like that especially because we didn't have a wedding coordinator. She is very efficient and is an excellent communicator. She wrote our ceremony and did a FANTASTIC job. We got compliments on our ceremony! The ONLY thing that was not so fabulous is that my husband and I had met with Annemarie for about an hour before we decided to book her for our wedding and she totally forgot that she had even met my husband. It made it feel a not very personal. All-in-all, I would recommend Annemarie!

Reviewed On 3/04/2011 by Kelly P

When I first started looking for an officiant I was so excited that wedding plans were finally being made but I had NO idea how to pick an officiant. Since my fiance (now husband) and I were not part of any affiliation where someone could marry us, the hunt was on and and online my search began. I was immediately drawn to and excited about Annemarie because she was able to do a ceremony catered to our values, beliefs (religious or not), and love for one another. She e-mailed me back within minutes of me inquiring more information about her (and it was SO early in the morning!) and we met soon there after. My fiance and I walked away from our first meeting with Annemarie feeling more in love with one another, excited about our wedding, and confident that Annemarie was the one for us. From the moment we met her, to the day she married us, and the time that has followed Annemarie has been so caring, enthusiastic, full of joy and love and hope... there are not enough words for me to describe how impressed we were or how happy we were with the pre marital counseling and the wedding ceremony. Our guests raved about Annemarie during the reception and once we got home. Our guests loved how they got to learn more about my fiance and I, how personal the ceremony felt and how fun Annemarie was. We were told over and over again that our ceremony was THE BEST any of our guests had been to. The first day we met Annemarie she said, "Your guests may not remember the words you say during your ceremony but they will remember the way they felt during it." And she completely delivered! Our ceremony was romantic, personal, intimate, fun, and the best day of our life. I can't recommend Annemarie enough!

Reviewed On 11/06/2010 by Mindy P

Annemarie was just what we were looking for in an officiant. She was fun and easy to work with and helped us create a unique ceremony. Since we didn't have a wedding planner, she took on some of the day of duties herself to make sure everything went smoothly and on schedule.

Reviewed On 10/15/2010 by Rachel D

Annemarie was everything we were looking for in an officiant. She was organized and professional, but also had a sense of humor. We had several cultural elements we wanted to include in our ceremony and she found great ways to do that, along with beautiful wording to go with it. She also conducted a very organized rehearsal, which made us feel even more confident about the big day. She has a background in event planning, which was very evident in how smoothly the ceremony went. If you're looking for someone that can develop a ceremony that will be unique and truly memorable, Annemarie is the person for you!

Reviewed On 9/10/2010 by Dawn D

I cannot say enough about how much we loved Annemarie. She was a blast to work with, and I felt like she really "got" my husband and I and, as such, delivered a ceremony that fit our personalities perfectly. She's also a master organizer, and will take care of all of the logistical details of the ceremony and rehearsal for you - you just need to show up. You will have to fill out some pretty lengthy paperwork for her, but it's not horrible and the results are most definitely worth it. Again, she was very flexible and let us add/remove elements of the ceremony to really make it "ours". She also offers pre-marriage coaching, which my husband and I took advantage of. She's not a license counselor or therapist, but she'll work with you to make sure that you've had all of the conversations with each other you need to have before combining your lives and will refer you to a therapist if it's necessary. We took advantage of it just to make sure we'd covered everything, and the added bonus was that she got to know us a bit better before our ceremony.

Reviewed On 8/27/2010 by Juanita D

It was great to work with Annemarie for our big day. It was important to us to not have the same old, repeat after me, cookie cutter ceremony. Annemarie composed a beautiful, personal and meaningful ceremony for us. We planned our entire ceremony from Colorado and did not meet her until the day of. I could not have been happier. Annemarie is very professional and also very full of life and love and it was wonderful to have her as an officiant for our ceremony.

Response from the Vendor on 08/27/2010

RJuanita - I loved working with you and Mark ~ your oceanside wedding was absolutely one of my very favorite this year! My best to you ~ Annemarie