Thinking About A Wedding Favor For Your Guests? Ponder This Street Smart View From Lots of Wedding…

Simply put, I have a love/hate relationship with wedding favors.

As a Wedding Officiant, this really isn’t my business AND I am often asked by my couples, “what should be do about a favor?”

So, with all that I have seen at a wedding, I guess I do come with some on-site perspective.

In my “street smart” wedding experience, a great wedding favor is “homemade” and/or is hand-crafted to really celebrate a couple.  AndrewCaitlinWissink

For instance, see these happy faces to the right?  Meet Caitlin and Andrew.  They were married this past weekend at Seattle’s Lake Union Café.  When I arrived, I found jars full of tasty ingredients to make homemade hot chocolate.  What a fantastic idea! 

As you decide on a favor, here are my top tips: 

1) Make it hand-made or crafty.

2) Make it about something to eat and drink – guests love a fancy treat bag of candy, cookies or chocolate as they leave a wedding.

3) Make it about someone or something else.  In other words, on behalf of your guests, make a donation to something special or a charity.