Best Tips For An Easy & Successful Home Wedding…

Maggie & Richard Green

Richard and Maggie Green did their Seattle wedding right.

A friend of Richard’s opened their home to Richard and Maggie for their wedding ceremony and celebration this past Saturday, March 3rd.

Located near the Arboretum, this century-old home was a perfect setting to host 75+ family and friends for this couple’s easy and comfortable 3:00 p.m. ceremony and celebration.

Here are a few best tips if you are considering and/or planning a wedding at the home of a family member or friend:

– Hire A Caterer and Bar Staff:  The host must enjoy the day (usually after so much planning) and a couple who hires a caterer and bar staff insures the comfort and ease of all involved in a wedding day.  This also gives the celebration a “party feel” and insures that your host and their people aren’t “working” at the wedding.  This goes for all budgets as there are caterers who accommodate all price points.

– Large Guest List/Consider A Valet In A “Tight Neighborhood.”  Some neighborhoods around Seattle don’t work for parking, especially with a larger guest list.  Consider hiring a valet.  This is an affordable service and so appreciated by your guests.

– Put “:30” On Your Invitation.  Most home weddings start late and often the wedding day schedule goes off course.  When I know I am officiating a home wedding, I strongly suggest to the couple to put an arrival time that is 30 minutes before the actual start time of the ceremony.  This way guests arrive and rather than running in, throwing a gift and scrambling for a chair, the welcoming is more relaxed and welcoming – and there is “fudge time” built in for late arrivals.

Photo: Jenny Goldberg-George
Officiant: Annemarie Juhlian