Best Tips To Plan A Beautiful ‘Surprise’ For Your Sweetheart During Your Wedding Ceremony…

You’ve gotta love James! 

To honor his bride, Mary, he worked to craft and deliver a profound and very moving “surprise” as part of their wedding ceremony at Seattle’s Edgewater Hotel.

James is a military guy.  As a loving tribute to Mary, he invited six of his colleagues to create a “down the aisle” ceremony ritual with swords, commands and special words.

Mary didn’t know a thing about this.  After I pronounced James and Mary “husband and wife,” I turned to Mary and shared what James had up his sleeve.  And gratefully, the eloquence and sweetness of this susprise worked beautifully for our bride.

Each year, I work with a number of excited brides and grooms to create an appropriate “surprise” for their sweetheart.  The elements of a best surprise include:

1) Being appropriate – meaning insure that a proposed surprise will be publicly well-taken by a bride/groom.

2) Fun-loving.  Often a surprise can be overwhelming.  You can neutralize the “overwhelm” of a surprise by insuring it has fun-loving and or humorous elements to it.

3) Well-timed.  A best surprise within a ceremony is carefully orchestrated between a bride or groom and the Officiant.  The Officiant most often has control of a surprise ‘set-up’ and this is key to insuring the overall integrity of a ceremony.

Beautiful photo:  Tom Ellis