Tonya and Harold – A Sweet & Intimate Ceremony At One of My Favorite Venues, Woodinville’s Willows Lodge…

I sent an email to Tonya the other day saying, “May I please clone you and Harold?!”

Sometimes it is such an unexpected pleasure for me to share in a couple’s wedding day.  Such is the case with this sweet couple.

Tonya and Harold live this great paradox well:  “what is small is really big – what is big is really small.”

Tonya and Harold’s tiny wedding ceremony and celebration at Willows Lodge was a sweet and big tribute to their loving relationship.

Accompanied by several witnesses, Tonya and Harold exchanged vows in the Lodge’s courtyard grotto.  A Spirit-filled couple, it was such a happy experience for me to witness the emotion and love between two people so obviously in love and deeply devoted to one another.

Tonya and Harold – thank you.  You touch my heart with your generous hearts, Spirit-filled joy and the very special touches you brought to your wedding day.