Trafficpalooza. An Officiant Heart Attack Waiting To Happen…

Let me preface this by saying that in my years of doing this wonderful work, I have never been late to a wedding!

Two weekends ago, I was in Snohomish.  I had 3.5 hours to get to downtown Seattle for my wonderful evening wedding in Pioneer Square.  traffic

I had two options:  drive around the lake or take 520.  I knew things were sticky with the bridges and I had lots of time. Traffic reports (and my husband’s feedback from WSDOT) suggested things were “okay.”

Well, as I drove from 405 to 520, within seconds there was not one but two accidents on the bridge.  And so, we sat.  For almost 2 hours, not going anywhere.

Over the years, I have often wondered why I leave so much time between two ceremonies on each Saturday.  I’ve spent lots of time sitting and waiting, arriving way too early.  Time and time again.

On this Saturday evening, while I was freaked out (I’m a major over-reactor but correct quickly), I was grateful for time.

I arrived at the ceremony and we started on time and things were beautiful and easy.  The grace was the Groom was on the phone with me several times as I provided “stranded” updates – calm, cool and collected.  His ease and kindness was my big gift.