Trending Up! The Extravagant, Joyful & Tiny Wedding Ceremony & Celebration…

Angela and Alan illustrate a sweet new trend with contemporary couples – the extravagant, joyful and tiny wedding ceremony and celebration!

I wrote a bit about this last week and here is what I’d like to add as I found an article on this just a few days ago in the New York Times.

It’s not about how big your guest list it.  I’m not interested in the numbers.  I’m more taken with a couple who sweetly and profoundly creates a wedding day for “them” that revolves around their values, their interests, romantic moments and their pocketbook.

It’s not about the dress.  It’s not about the tux.  It’s about being comfy – in beautiful and comfortable clothes.

It’s not about the pomp!  It’s about intentionally crafting a wedding day experience that in the end – when the day is over and you are snuggled on a couch together with your feet up, and you share a “we did good!” feeling.  There is nothing better this this.

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