It’s The Little Things Around A Wedding Ceremony That Are Truly The Very Big Things…

SaraReganSmithI live with this paradox:

What is big is really small.

What is small is really big.

And at a wedding ceremony, I have found the little things ARE the big things.

For instance, I arrived yesterday for Sara and Regan’s Noon wedding ceremony at The Salish Lodge.  Once I got over how fabulous Sara’s bouquet and shoes were (they truly were exquisite), I realized the outdoor tent with full sides was going to be very cold.

I found Salish Lodge staff and they immediately fired up the tent heater – and minutes later, warm air started pouring in.  Because of the Lodge’s attention to detail and to the “little things,” we were all warm and cozy for Regan and Sara’s beautiful ceremony.

A few other “little things” to consider for your ceremony:

– Microphones for readers.  Always.

– Don’t assume people are listening on a wedding day.  They are not!

– If your Officiant is wearing a headpiece mic, and the Officiant is female, no dangling earrings as this makes noise.

– The fewer “jobs” the better.  Family and friends are well meaning and they often “forget” simple tasks on a wedding day. Hand off tasks to your planner, venue staff or perhaps a friend who is taking on specific/serious planning “day of tasks.”