Wedding Dog! Wedding Dog! The Power of “Woof!” and Unconditional Love to Sparkle Up Your Wedding Ceremony…

If you know me, I’m a crazy dog lady.

My husband and I work with special needs and/or older dogs and have done so, together, for more than 15 years.

When I am not engaged, in my happy place with my wedding work, my other happy place is our Wigglebutt Farm, a 5-acre sanctuary for dogs, where love and kindness rules.

And so, many couples who love their dogs (who are crazy about their animals), often come to me, and much of the time, want to have their beloved fur child (or children) involved in their wedding ceremony.

It doesn’t matter if your ceremony is a formal event for 200, or a casual event for 2 or 10, a dog adds such joy to a wedding day.

The power of ‘woof’ brings calm and ease to a big day, initiates conversation between people, and creates unexpected moments of joy and happy and potential joyful chaos!

I remember Stacey and John.  We were in the middle of their ceremony, when their beloved pooch decided to ‘take a walk,’ and streaked across the back of the ceremony space.  I could not stop smiling, and this brought such joy and happiness to ‘their story!’

Or when wedding dog, Murphy, (featured in the photo), decided to ‘sit’ on the train of Zoe’s gown…and take a snooze for most of the ceremony.  Simply, perfect.

The power of dog.  My heart is full.