Wedding Rockstar! Willie’s Big Surprise For Tracie…a Surprise Wedding!

When I got a call from Willie, I immediately liked him.  WillieTracie

You’ve got to like and admire a romantic and loving guy who has one thing in mind:  to create, plan and pull off a surprise wedding ceremony and celebration for the love of his life, Tracie.

And Willie did just this and more.  To Tracie’s big delight and elation, her guy gave her a gorgeous wedding day complete with a gown, accessories, flowers, a venue/location, a beautiful dinner and more.

These two, accompanied by close friends, were married last Thursday afternoon on Alki Beach.  The weather was gorgeous and was just one more thing that Willie pulled off with his big heart, graciousness and fun-loving approach to life.

These lovebirds share enormous life history.  Willie and Tracie re-connected after along time apart and in their time together, they have created a beautiful life – with great devotion, compassion and acceptance – these two beautiful people understand the words “in sickness and in health.”

Love.  Love.  Love.  Photo: