Your Wedding Ceremony “Smoochie!” Go For a Sweet & Perfect “We Are So Married” Kiss!

Every wedding ceremony ends with a sweet kiss!

A fantastic and memorable kiss to top off a sweet and loving wedding ceremony is a beautiful forever memory for a couple.

It might seem elementary to talk about “kissing.’ However, having been up close and personal to many wedding ceremonies over the years and having worked with hundreds of wedding photographers, I know one thing for sure: some couples are just better at the public “kissing thing” than others!

So, as you talk to your Sweetie about your wedding ceremony, take a moment to discuss what you both want and desire at the moment you “seal the deal.” Do you want a big smooch? A small peck? An enthusiastic and energetic kiss?

No matter if your wedding ceremony is small and intimate or if you are being married in front of a ballroom filled with people who love you, here are four sweet tips for an outstanding and memorable smooch:

1) Hold it. Hold it. And hold it some more. Take time for a nice long kiss at the end of your ceremony. This will help your photographer get some great photos and you are intentionally taking time to truly mark your “we’re married” moment with an authentic and romantic kiss.

2) Tell Your Officiant Or Minister to Get Out Of The Way! Nothing makes a wedding photographer more crazy than an Officiant or Minister who doesn’t move out of the “kiss photo” at the end of a ceremony. Only some Ministers/Officiants will move out of the lens of a camera and to the right or left as they are making your pronouncement.

To insure this happens, tell your Officiant or Minister to move – and remind him or her of this again just before you walk down the aisle. This way, your wedding photographer will have the happy experience of capturing your kiss in a clean shot Trust me, this makes for a fantastic photo!

3) 2-For-1 Ceremony Kiss. Okay, picture this. You’ve just had your sweet kiss at the end of your ceremony and you take your partner’s arm or hand and begin to walk down the aisle. The Groom then stops mid-aisle and romantically cups the face of his Bride and gives her kiss with cheering and clapping family and friends lining the aisles. Talk about an wonderful moment!

Yes, this “mid aisle kiss” may be orchestrated but here’s what is lovely about this opportunity. Even if planned, few grooms actually remember to do this. It’s the act of “remembering” that touches the heart of a bride like no other. So, talk about possibly incorporating this aisle kiss into your recessional to create a very touching wedding moment.

4) “10” Cards Or “Message Cards. If you have a lot of members in your wedding party and want to do something fun, have them hold up “10” cards while you are kissing! This surprise stuns guests and creates such joy at the end of a wedding ceremony.

This move needs to be elegantly and quickly coordinated by your Officiant or Minister. One of the best ways to execute this is to have the Officiant or Minister hand cards to the Best Man and Best Lady as he or she is pronouncing the couple. These cards can also be hidden on a small side table or in the binder/folder held by the Officiant and the passing of the cards can be quickly done by two members of the wedding party.

NoteAnnemarie Juhlian is a Wedding Officiant, Minister & Celebrant in Seattle, Washington and she has been front and center to many wedding kisses of all shapes and sizes! You may contact Annemarie through this website or call her at 425.922.1325.