Weddings, Weddings, Weddings! Ramblings and Musing from ‘The Street…”

Darlings, I’m deep in it!  The ups and downs of all things weddings this summer season.  Gratefully, a zillion more ups than downs.

As I reflect back on the past few weeks, here is what I’d like to share…

I LOVE Benjamin and Mary.  I love them so much because just weeks before their wedding, they lost Benjamin’s beloved Father unexpectedly….AND they carried on.  With inspiring courage and graciousness.  And don’t get me started on Benjamin’s Mother, Regine…what a gorgeous, loving and courageous lady!

See Kayla?  See Parker?  Parker did great as the official ‘ring bearer’ for his Mommy and Daddy’s wedding ceremony at The Arctic Club Hotel.  And he didn’t like the photo booth and it showed in the photos.

Michael and Jordan journeyed to Seattle and were married in the sweetest of ceremonies, with their ‘besties’ all around them.  Two amazing men, wed at The Salish Lodge…a perfect day in all ways. (photo bottom left)

Andrew and Yesim, with 10+ years of life together, these two lovebirds were overjoyed on their wedding day and it showed.  Married at The Manor on Bainbridge Island, Andrew and Yesim could not stop smiling at each other!  Yesim is from Turkey and Germany, and influences from her culture were sprinkled throughout this big day.

Both with Russian heritage and tradition, the very lovely Inna and Anton were married at Bastyr Chapel in Kenmore.  I adore Bastyr Chapel.  When you drive up, you pretty much see a boring and blah building.  And when you walk inside, you are blown away by the opulence and reverence of the place.

Zachary and Jeremy went all out for their wedding day at The Museum of Glass in Tacoma.  It was such a joy to work with these great guys to fully design a ceremony experience that was truly all about them.  Okay, and a little bit about the wonderful people around them.  And don’t get me started on their fabulous wedding party of ladies!

Photo (Zoe and Carson)

Photo:  Michael and Jordan