Ann  Married on 06/17/2017

Annemarie is WONDERFUL! From your first meeting with her you will see her warmth and passion for what she does. We wanted a very personal ceremony and she wrote a completely unique ceremony just for us, included many personal details, and even reached out to some of our family to include their words. She is very experience and will make you feel completely at ease every step of the way. She is the BEST officiant! Please work with her!

Sent on 07/09/2017


Jeff  Married on 04/09/2017

Simply stated, Annemarie did an outstanding job on our wedding ceremony! We received so many wonderful compliments on the ceremony that she wrote and performed for us! We had multiple people tell us our ceremony was the most beautiful, personal and genuine wedding ceremony they've ever attended! In fact, my Uncle (74 years old) said he's been to a lot of weddings over the years and ours was second to none! Annemarie truly exceeded our expectations and provided a wedding ceremony that we'll cherish forever! Annemarie, thank you so much for the time and effort you spent preparing our ceremony and also for presenting the ceremony in the most flawless and beautiful way possible! You're very talented and we're fortunate and thankful for your services!

Sent on 05/16/2017


Bridget  Married on 11/05/2016

Annemarie did an absolutely fabulous job creating our personalized wedding ceremony. She really took the time to get to know us as a couple and all of our guests commented on how beautiful, intimate, and personal our ceremony was. There was not a dry eye in the house! She made us feel comfortable every step of the way and provided great advice, while still honoring our ideas. We were so happy with all the work she did for us and could not recommend her more highly.

Sent on 11/10/2016


Diana  Married on 09/23/2016

Annemarie really loves what she does, and her personality shines through! We actually had more feedback from our guests about how good our officiant and ceremony was than the food and party - when does that ever happen?! Annemarie made the ceremony fun but sweet, lighthearted but engaging. We couldn't have imagined a nicer ceremony, and she was so incredibly easy to work with.

Sent on 09/27/2016


Josalyn  Married on 09/03/2016

Annemarie is worth every penny and you will not be disappointed in her officiating your wedding. She is professional and she truly cares about helping to tailor an extraordinary ceremony that will make your special day even more amazing!

Sent on 09/23/2016


Lacee  Married on 08/12/2016

Annemarie officiated our outdoor wedding on one of the hottest days in 2016. She is an expert in her field which was made evident when she kept us cool as cucumbers during our ceremony. The ceremony that she crafted for us was so beautiful and authentic. Annemarie’s process of developing our ceremony involved interviewing each of us separately and providing unique options for the final ceremony. To capture items that we may have missed about each other she reached out to our friends and family and included statements from them in the ceremony.
Her craftsmanship of the ceremony was so fun - she not only took us on a journey to capture events from the day we met to the day we got married, but also brought our guests along on for the journey as well when she delivered the ceremony. She radiated warmth and genuine thoughts throughout the entire ceremony. Thank you Annemarie for helping us capture our love for each other in a unique and fun way that was totally us! --- Lacee and Bryce, “BLT”

Sent on 10/02/2016


Hayley  Married on 08/07/2016

Annemarie hands down was one of the best vendor decisions we made when it came to our wedding. After being a bridesmaid in a wedding Annemarie officiated, once we got engaged we knew right away we wanted to reach out to her. Our first meeting with Annemarie was fun, lighthearted, and laid out the groundwork of what her services would provide. We left that night knowing we didn't want anyone else to be in charge of the most important part of our wedding day. During our engagement, we had 3 per-marital sessions with Annemarie that we are so glad we did. She brought up topics that maybe we had talked about before, but asked deeper questions to help us have more in depth conversations. Neither of us had any sort of counseling before so we weren't sure what to expect, but it was never awkward and truly was helpful. Months prior to the wedding, she took our many back and forth e-mails and was always so prompt with ceremony edits. For our rehearsal, Annemarie made it fun for everyone while making sure everyone knew what they were doing. And when it comes to the day of our wedding, I look back now and say that the ceremony was my favorite part of the day. The ceremony Annemarie wrote for us felt so personal an so "us" and encompassed everything we ever wanted. We cannot recommend Annemarie enough!!!

Sent on 11/12/2018


Monica  Married on 08/06/2016

Annmarie was amazing! From the first time we met with her, we knew she was the right officiant for us. She completely understood our situation with our families' different religious beliefs and background. She is very responsive to emails and frequently responds the same day if not within the hour. We were very confident she would be able to handle any situation that came up. We could not have asked for a better officiant. Thank you so much for marrying us Annemarie!

Sent on 08/10/2016


Sue  Married on 07/29/2016

Annemarie truly personalized the ceremony to highlight what was most important to my daughter and her fiance. She spent enough time with them before hand to create a truly personal, meaningful event that had everyone both laughing and crying. She is professional, flexible and I highly recommend her.

Sent on 08/15/2016


David  Married on 07/01/2016

Annemarie, Thank you so very much for making our wedding day incredibly special. Though we only met you in person moments before the ceremony, you made us feel like we were old friends. You brought warmth and humor to our wedding with your special words and truly captured who we are as a couple. Scott and I will always be grateful for the amazing day you gave us. My advice to anyone getting married in the Seattle area is to put your trust in Annemarie. She will guide you through the process with an amazing attention to detail and is always there to respond quickly to any questions or concerns. I’m so happy we found Annemarie for our special day! - David and Scott

Sent on 07/29/2016


Christopher  Married on 03/26/2016

Don't hesitate to hire Annemarie! We were looking for a more non-traditional wedding ceremony as neither of us are very religious and Annemarie was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. She does do religious ceremony's too and she is a very genuine, professional, and endearing person to work with. Her personality above all else should be the reason to hire her. We couldn't of asked for a better officiant and we were honored to have her as part of the next chapter of my wife and I's life.
I will warn you that her "homework" is extensive but trust me, it is well worth it. The ceremony she put together was a work of art and the effort she puts into crafting a ceremony that caters to you is outstanding. I feel like when all was said and done we didn't just hire another vendor, we hired a friend! There are plenty of other officiant's out there but I can guarantee there are none quite like Annemarie!

Sent on 04/18/2016


Patricia Married on 02/27/2016

Annemarie officiated our elopement and we couldn't have been more pleased. Not only did she make our small ceremony fun she made sure it was personal and memorable. She was incredibly easy to work with and made us feel comfortable and at ease. She even took amazing photos of us following the ceremony. We have only great things to say about our experience and we highly recommend Annemarie! She will make your day extra special!

Sent on 04/18/2016


User2499820  2+ years ago

Annemarie was very accommodating, thoughtful and supportive in helping us organize our elopement in a short period of time. She gave a meaningful ceremony tailored for us, made it simple and sweet just the way we asked, and helped us feel at ease. It was clear that Annemarie genuinely cared and loves what she does in bringing bring people together. I love Annemarie's positive, warm attitude as well as her professionalism and responsiveness.

Sent on 01/09/2016


Jim S.  Married on 12/31/2015

Annemarie was GREAT- in getting her, we got SO much more than just an "officiant"...
Ever wanted a genie- or maybe a personal angel? She's kind of like that. She's IN to what you want, and THERE to help make it happen. Timing? Practical details? Questions about paperwork? She's your genie. Make your request... and "poof"! Talk to her- give her a call- and SEE if you don't notice a bit of magic. She's a lift to your spirit- WIND to help make the miracle happen. This isn't her business- it's her passion- and there's CLEARLY a difference.

Sent on 04/14/2017


User2492443  2+ years ago

Annemarie is simply the best!

If you are looking for the perfect officiant... Look no more. Annemarie is truly the most amazing officiant and so much more. She organized our whole ceremony for us, put everyone at ease and most importantly, made it fun!
The first officiant we found canceled one month prior due to a family emergency. With less than a month, we called Annemarie-it was the best decision we've made with our wedding planning! Within the first phone call we knew she was the one. She took all my stress away. She was so fun to talk to and completely took care of everything. She sent us a few packets to get to know us better and share our story. I don't know how she did it but she sent us the most perfect customized script for our ceremony. This woman is amazing! All of a sudden every bit of stress I had for the wedding was gone. We didn't have any idea what we wanted to say for our vows and all of a sudden we had these perfect, customized vows for our wedding. We weren't able to have a rehearsal because of the holidays and family not being in town. Once again, Annemarie saved us! She showed up early the day of our wedding (after fighting crazy Seattle traffic with the Seahawks playing!) She told everyone where to be and what to do. Everything went even better than we ever imagined it could be. I'm someone who doesn't like to be in front of big crowds- yet Annemarie made it so relaxing and enjoyable. The guests were crying & laughing. She made our ceremony sentimental & sincere yet fun & happy! I don't think there was one person who didn't come up to me to tell me what an amazing officiant we had. Everyone ranted and raved about her for days after. She is so passionate and so gifted at what she does. We are so incredibly thankful we chose Annemarie to be a huge part of our big day. My grandmother said "In all my years, I've never been to such an enjoyable and perfect wedding ceremony. It was absolutely beautiful!" And she was so right.

Sent on 01/04/2016


Kelsey  Married on 11/07/2015

Amazing and exceptional!

Annemarie was the first and only officiant we spoke with for our wedding. It was clear from the moment we met her that she was exactly what we were looking for in an officiant--warm, engaging, and funny. Through a lengthy questionnaire she got to know us individually and as a couple, and then created a beautiful, hyper-personalized ceremony that showcased our relationship. She had several excellent suggestions for ceremony elements, such as an oathing stone and travel box, and we loved having the opportunity to diverge from a traditional wedding structure. We received the first draft of the ceremony in July for our November wedding, which gave us plenty of time to think through it and make tweaks (all pretty minor, as she pretty much hit the nail on the head with the first draft).
On our wedding day she arrived well ahead of time and made sure everything was running on time, the venue had everything set up, and our wedding party knew the plan and was ready to go. Our guests loved her and we continue to receive compliments on our ceremony, and I know we'll continue to treasure her words for years to come!

Sent on 12/01/2015


Andrew C.  Married on 10/09/2015

Our first officiant dropped off the face of the earth one month prior to the wedding. We scrambled and found Annemarie. On very short notice she met with us and listened to our needs. We quickly liked her more than or first pick!
The first visit we covered the style, theme, and feel of the wedding that we wanted. Annemarie was very attentive to our needs and had many helpful suggestions. She then gave us some homework to fill out. It had many in depth questions about our history and relationship together. The more information you put in here the better she is able to put together a script for the ceremony. We absolutely loved the script that Annemarie came up with. It was better then we had hoped for! All it needed was a bit of tweaking in the processional to accommodate a special request. With that we were good to go! Annemarie was early to the event. She was vivacious and eager to make everything perfect while still being attentive to all of our needs and requests. She arranged all of the cues with the processional, DJ, and photographer. Once she showed up, we didn't have to do anything at all other than look good and pay attention! The ceremony was absolutely wonderful! There were a few tiny hiccups with children in attendance and our repeating of the vows, but Annemarie handled them with ease and grace. We love her so much we will use her for our baby blessing ceremony as well!

Sent on 11/12/2015


User2307454  2+ years ago

Truly Amazing

We cannot say enough about how incredible Annemarie is! From the minute we met her, we knew her heart was in it. She is incredibly helpful and professional...and has an excellent sense of humor! She put us at ease and helped us every step of the way. Annemarie offered ideas and guidance which were perfect! After our ceremony, several people came up to us complimenting Annemarie! "She was great!" "Her presence was amazing!" Etc, etc.
If you are looking for someone to truly be "in it" with you, Annemarie is the one! She's amazing and we are so thankful for her!! Becky & Susan

Sent on 09/09/2015


Jessica  Married on 08/22/2015

We can not say enough about how wonderful Annemarie is! From the minute we met her, we knew she would be the perfect person to lead our wedding ceremony. She was a joy to work with; you can tell she takes her job very seriously. The time and effort she spend crafting a personalized ceremony is apparent. All evening guests were coming up and telling us that it was the best wedding ceremony they've been part of - and we agree 100%. We can not thank her enough! Working with Annemarie will be the best decision you make! I will never forget our wedding ceremony!

Sent on 09/12/2015


Herb  Married on 08/08/2015

Words cannot express how happy we are with the job Annemarie did as the officiant of our wedding. Even two months later, our guests are still raving about the great job she did. She did a great job capturing our personalities and as a result, crafted a memorable ceremony complete with some rituals but it wasn't so drawn out like some ceremonies can be. Due to us being out of town most of the time, all of our communication (except for the initial meeting) was done thru email. Her prompt replies made our lives easier and during the planning process, we knew that we didn't have to worry about this important part of our wedding day.
If you have a chance to book Annemarie, do it right now! Thank you Annemarie! Herb & Winnie

Sent on 10/18/2015


Katie  Married on 07/25/2015

We asked Annemarie to perform an upbeat and most of all, joyous ceremony. She really delivered. After a bit of discussion and emails, she wrote a beautiful speech for us. She even found a way to include coffee and fancy chocolates in to the ceremony for extra personalization. Beforehand, when our nerves were aflutter, she was bouncing around making sure everything was ready and would go smoothly. During the reception later our guests kept heaping compliments on the amazing job she did officiating. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to tell any of my friends to book her for their wedding.
Annemarie really made our day special and memorable.

Sent on 07/25/2015


Jessica  Married on 07/17/2015

Annemarie is a one-of-a-kind officiant and the best there is! From our first conversation with Annemarie we knew she was the right officiant for us. Annemarie thoroughly listened to every thing we wanted to include in our ceremony, the environment and emotions we wanted to create, and the special touches that were important to us. She created a unique ceremony that was true to us in every way. She allowed us to give as much feedback/input as we wanted and guided us every step of the way. I knew I was in good hands and the ceremony was perfect.
After the ceremony, all of our guests raved about Annemarie! They said she was the best officiant they ever witnessed. She was articulate, energetic, and sincere. She made the ceremony a unique experience instead of the same old rote phrases you hear at every wedding. She made it fun! We all felt the emotions of the day! I HIGHLY recommend Annemarie to any

Sent on 08/03/2015


Judy  Married on 07/11/2015

Having been to many, many weddings over the years, you basically only remember whether you had a good time or not, and maybe a few other details. Well, I guarantee, if you employ Annamarie to officiate your wedding, she will be something you will never forget. I just can't begin to tell you how awesome she is. Annamarie is one of those special kind of people, that within a few minutes of meeting her, you feel like you have known her all your life. Her ceremony was very heartfelt, engaging, touching, everything and more than we even anticipated. I can't believe how many people came up to us after and said what a wonderful and memorable job she did. I guarantee that in years to come, Annamarie's role in my daughters wedding will be something nobody ever forgets. I highly, highly recommend Annamarie!!
Judy Canfield

Sent on 07/16/2015


Jeremy  Married on 06/13/2015

We recently (June 13) had Annemarie officiate our wedding at the Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie. We had to plan the entire wedding from out of state, which was definitely anxiety-inducing. By the time we actually met Annemarie on the day before our wedding, it was almost like meeting an old friend. Our ceremony was exactly what we were looking for, everything went perfectly well, and I'm still in shock in regards to how wonderful it turned out.
I cannot stress enough how great it was working with her. She took so much of her time getting to know the both of us, and tailored our ceremony to our personalities so well! She was extremely helpful not only on the day of the wedding, but throughout all of the months leading up to it. You will definitely want to find an officiant that you feel comfortable with, so if you are browsing officiants in the Seattle area, STOP HERE! At least give her a phone call to see if you think she'll be a good fit, I can guarantee you that it will not be a waste of your time.

Sent on 08/15/2018


Rany  Married on 06/12/2015

We really love working with Annemarie! From the first moment we met her my fiancé (now husband) and I knew she was the one for us! She has this presence that make you take notice. She was so easy to work with and through the entire process she was very responsive and helpful. Before our wedding she had us fill out a questionnaire about ourselves and us as a couple. She was able to create a beautiful ceremony from it. She listened to what we wanted and gave it to us! On our wedding day we had an easy and elegant ceremony. Our family and friends raved about how much they enjoyed our ceremony and how different it was from other weddings they had been to. Annemarie truly did give us a one of a kind ceremony that was authentic and ours!! She is upbeat, friendly, professional, and organized. We couldn't have asked for a better officiant in Annemarie. She truly has a special gift in what she does.

Sent on 07/07/2015


William H.  Married on 12/20/2014

She was very attentive, professional and compassionate. She created a wonderful, unique and romantic ceremony that nor only was memorable for us but our guests as well. She ensured our ceremony ran smoothly and was exactly what we wanted. We highly recommend Annemarie!

Sent on 12/07/2014


Lori  Married on 10/11/2014

We knew the minute we met Annemarie that she was the perfect person to marry us. We wanted someone that would take the time to get to know us and our children. Someone that would put thought into our ceremony. She exceeded our expectations. Annemarie was a great help in guiding us through the process of planning our ceremony. Her experience was priceless. I would highly recommend her! She's fabulous!!

Sent on 11/18/2014


Stephanie  Married on 10/04/2014

I can't say enough positive things about Annemarie!! She was the perfect fit for us and we loved her right from the start. In fact, we didn't want to go with anyone else after first meeting her. She has so much positive energy, is nice, fun to be around, professional, experienced, and informative! Also, for a huge wedding like ours, Annemarie has a presence and can take command of a large audience! She is the consummate professional in everything she does! We had the perfect wedding ceremony thanks to Annemarie and received so many compliments from our guests. Can't say enough thanks!!!

Sent on 12/04/2014


Darrah  Married on 10/03/2014

Annemarie was referred to us by my dad, who is a wedding DJ and has worked with Annemarie a number of times. She totally exceeded my expectations in terms of what an officiant provides. My fiance and I met her for coffee a few months before our wedding. She asked us a few questions about how we met, what our relationship is like, and had us fill out a very detailed survey. I wasn't sure where all this was going until I read the ceremony script. We're not religious, so we wanted our ceremony to be about us as a couple. When she sent it over, I couldn't make it two lines in without crying. How could a woman who just met us know us so well? She totally nailed our sense of humor, without sacrificing the sentimental tone. The day of the wedding, she was so calm and collected. My fiance forgot his vows in the hotel room, and she made all the people who were worried about time feel rest assured things would continue to go smoothly. It's rare that your friends and family actually enjoy the ceremony portion of a wedding and talk about it afterwards, but all we heard were rave reviews about Annemarie, our hand-written vows, and how moving and hilarious the ceremony was. I wish Annemarie could marry us every year on our anniversary. Of all the things I've since forgotten about my wedding day, I'll never forget how special the ceremony was.

Sent on 01/07/2015


Devon  Married on 10/03/2014

My husband and I loved working with Annemarie as our wedding officiant! We interviewed a few others, but knew instantly when we met Annemarie that she was the one. She is so friendly, bubbly, confident, and reassuring. She's a true professional with many years of experience, and that shined through in her personal interactions with us and during our incredibly special ceremony.
Several months before our wedding, we also did three private coaching sessions with Annemarie in our home that were so enriching and helpful. She posed questions to us that made us think about our future together, and prompted important discussions. We learned what each other really needs in a partner, and how we can be the best partners for each other. Even through we thought we were prepared for marriage prior to the sessions, our time with Annemarie made us feel even more confident. Annemarie got to know us very well through the sessions, and she was able to write a very personal ceremony for us. She sent us a draft well before our wedding day, and was very responsive and flexible as we worked together to finalize the ceremony to our liking. At the rehearsal, she took charge and gave everyone specific directions to make sure the ceremony went perfectly; again, that is where her experience with hundreds (maybe thousands?) of weddings really helped! The ceremony itself was the highlight of our wedding day. Just about all of our friends and family cried, as did both of us. I can't imagine having had anyone else to make our marriage official but Annemarie. Don't miss out on hiring her to make your big day even more special than you could hope!

Sent on 11/19/2014